Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

July 18, 2011

You know that’s my dream to dress up like Nephi and kill people with swords!!! NOT FAIR!!! haha

Hi !!
Sorry this is so late, I am at an exersize camp for the 2 weeks and I am just getting this sent!!  I will try to do better next week!!!  Sorry!!  I hope you all are doing great!!!!
Carrie J!!

Bueno, Primeramente, tengo que decir algo sobre me estimado y querido Peru en la Copa AMERICA!!! ¡QUE TAL PERU! Semi Finals Baby!!! (Okay…translated from Marty, that says the following: Very well, first off, I want to say something about my esteemed and beloved Peru in the America’s Cup.  HOW ABOUT PERU!  Semi-finals Baby!!!)  To say the least the people here are pretty excited!!! So before I give you the big scoop on this week I have to respond to your last email...  First of all I’m SO JEALOUS OF THE YOUTH CONFERENCE!!! (It was a Book of Mormon Youth conference and everyone had to dress up like Nephites and they reinacted parts of the Book of Mormon and they got to fight wars too, with cardboard sheilds and foam swords! pics coming soon!!)  You know that’s my dream to dress up like Nephi and kill people with swords!!!  NOT FAIR!!! haha  I’m very anxious to hear how it all went!  Also dad, I’m so totally game for waking boarding camp!!! That’s like the best thing I have heard of since sliced bread!!!  Mom, Elder Prichet is my BOY!!! He’s a champ!  And thanks to Aunt Jane for her AWESOME email, the dear elder from Grandma and Grandpa Spencer, emails from Uncle Steven and Blake’s dad also!!!  It’s beyond great to hear from everyone!!! Some people I would like to hear from... Mitchell Peterson and Trevor Fugate!!!  I sent Will and Collin some letters and my family!!! Challis, Tal and Ethan and Nate, Kaycee, Aunt Kristen and well EVERYONE!!! That would be the best birthday present of all if everyone just wrote me something!!!
Alright onto what happened this week!  So Wednesday morning I was in the room of the zone leaders, I had been sleeping there and then going to my area in the day and preaching with some divisions or changes (I can’t remember how to say that in English)  So then the zone leaders called us Wednesday and said I had a companion!!!  And he is another new Elder... and another Chileno!!!  HAHAHA - how nuts eh? But he is really awesome, I miss Elder Pozo, he was really funny, but Elder Contreras is awesome!!!  So Saturday we had interviews with our new president and this morning we had our conference and I just have to say that he is the MAN!!! And his mom lives in Sandy!!! Before they went to the MTC they went to Sandy!!! Haha so that was cool to talk about, his wife is just really awesome as well!!! And he has 3 daughters that are 19, 14, and 12... I only met the 14 year old and 12 year old and they reminded me sososososososo much of LINEY!!! Haha so big news, we will not just be talking on the phone this Christmas... WE WILL BE SKYPING!!! O HECK YEAH!!! How awesome is that! So I’m pretty stoked about that for sure!!!  This week was pretty nuts, we have a pretty big goal for my area and we are right now at 0 baptisms... I was getting pretty frustrated cause at the beginning of July we knelt down and just asked the Lord what should be our goal for this month... we both felt that it should be 5 baptisms...  And so this week I just started to get a little frustrated, cause my investigators started to fade and I didn´t know why!  I am doing the best I can, really I am trying to be obedient with exactness, but they were all just bailing out!  So Sunday came around and we passed by the houses of our investigators and no one was answering the door or anything!!!  And me being a man of little faith just started to doubt, I was saying how am I going to baptize anyone this month!!!  No one even wants to attend church, so how can I baptize 5 people let alone 1!!!  Oh, ye men of little faith...  We ended up with 6 investigators at church!!!  We only arrived at the beginning of Sacrament meeting with 2!!!  And they just kept filing in little by little!!!  So we have 2 or 3 baptisms this Saturday, and we will see what comes about this next week.  But I know that in these 2 weeks there are 5 people to be baptized!  Because that is what the Lord told us!  The Lord wants at least 5 baptisms here in Huancayo, La Florida, so that’s just what I’m going to have to do...  So should be pretty interesting this coming week, we have found a few new families and we are really working hard with them!  If you could pray for Hermano Cezar that he and his family can have the faith to close their shop on Sunday and go to church, and for Hno Carlos that he can really read the Book of Mormon and gain a testimony of the truthfulness... also Jesus and Adriana, that they can continue progressing towards their baptismal date for this Saturday!!!  I would appreciate that greatly!!!  So the mission is just crazy, my new mission president, President Ardila is really a fantastic guy and I can already see that he is here for a reason to help this mission and me personally as well!!!  Sorry that this email was pretty lame, my brain is just fried after our conference for like 6 hours!!!  Haha I really can’t think of much to say other than i LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I’m loving the mission, it’s tough, but that’s why I love it so much!!!  I am almost finished with the Book of Mormon... IN SPANISH!!! I’m in the last chapter of Mormon, so it’s pretty amazing to see how far I have come in my Spanish!!!  It really is quite a miracle!! I love ya fam and keep it real!!
Elder McGhie!!!
Dad, one more thing for my birthday if you could send me Jesus the Christ in Spanish! LOVE YOU GUYS!!! And i would like to get an email from every one of you with your favorite scripture.... that’s for the fam!!! LOVE YA BYE!!!

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