Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

July 25, 2011

Well thats just the way the Cookie Crumbles, Sometimes... haha

Estimada Familia y Amigos!!!

How ya doing these days???  I am very excited to hear about how mom is doing at the work out Nazi training camp!!! I have been sure to pray a little extra for her this week in all my prayers!!!  I hope all is well and that your just loving the summer sun! Cause it aint here in Huancayo that’s for sure!!! Haha, the weather here is just pretty nuts, in the mornings its really cold, but in the afternoon, the sun just BURNS for like 3 hours, then as soon as the sun goes down it is cold again,  I guess we are pretty high up in altitude here.  I dont know what it compares to with Utah but I’m guessing we are higher here.  So I guess I’ll give ya the down low on what happened here this week in the Mish!!! First of all about my investigators.... yeah pretty much all of them have jumped off the Salvation Train and have decided to take other paths, can’t lie I have been slightly discouraged this week.  After all we had about 5 or 6 investigators progressing beautifully and now... well they say, one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do, and 2 can be as bad as one, cause its the loneliest number since the number one... oooohhh, but i guess Three Dog Night never had all of them bail out and be stuck at 0... its kinda crappy haha!  But I have lots of faith we will still be able to A about! It was just nuts, we got to the point where he said that he loves God and he is everything but for him Jesus Christ is nothing and doesn’t refer to him as his Savior... O wow I pretty much just about lost it, ya know that feeling when someone is picking on one of you siblings and you just want to throw down, yeah that’s how I felt, so I whipped out a little bit of Mormon chapter 9, 1 through 6 and we solved that problem very quickly.  So at the end of the lesson, he told us that we have not taught him one thing that has impacted him or made him change his beliefs about life and God and all that.  He then sort of laughed out loud when we told him that we can receive revelation directly from God through the Holy Ghost.  He said alright, I’ll give you guys one more chance to teach me and if you tell me something, just one thing, I will get baptized and be a member but if not, we cannot keep on having lessons... Haha funny story I was just about to tell him if he didn´t stop talking like a nut job we were never going to teach ever haha... but I resisted and agreed.  So me and my comp did some studying and some good old fasting and we had the appointment the very next day... And it was incredibly simple what the Spirit told us to teach him, the very basics, that number one, God Loves him, he is a child of God and that Gods purpose is to bring to pass the Immortality and Eternal Life of man and for that he has given us the way to be saved, through his Son Jesus Christ, and his atonement.  We taught him that Christ already did it all, conquered death, atoned for our sins and all we have to do is follow His teachings and firstly be baptized as he taught us and receive the Holy Ghost.  The Spirit was very strong, but simple, he had about 1000 questions but the spirit guided us to every answer in the scriptures and after about 2 and a half hours, he accepted it ALL!!!  I was about to send the story to the Ensign to be published, when he said that he knows the Book of Mormon is true and he has to be baptized to be saved... and then of course... Boom Goes the Dynamite.  He says he can’t get baptized, because God said that he has to wait!!! I MEAN, OH COME ON!!! I just about chucked myself off a bridge, I mean after 2 lessons back to back that were both just a battle to the death, He finally agrees on it all, but says that God doesn’t want him to get baptized. OH MY SWEET DEATH!!!  Can’t a guy catch a break here! We even kneeled down and prayed right there and the Spirit was so strong when he asked if he should get baptized, I was sure he was going to finish his prayer and say let go to the Font BABY!!! But he just denies it all, the feelings and everything... SO here we are and now we told him to call us when he is ready cause we have done all possible for him.  So if yall could do me a favor and send a prayer for Carlos that his heat is softened.  So the week was crazy, but we are hanging in there and fighting on!!! I love yall sosososos much! Good luck at fat camp mom!!! And finally Liney emailed me!!! HOOORAY!!! Love ya!!!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie
Ps dad, i need a new black belt, mine is shot, size 36... CHAU!!!

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