Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

September 19, 2011

Life just got a little different and a lot more hecktic!!! :)


Whats up people!!! Well I’ve got a crapload of stuff to tell ya and not a whole lot of time to tell ya!  So transfers have come and gone and im in LIMA NOW!!! AHHHH!!! Im so close to the CCM (the Peru MTC), I’m in Santa Anita in the area La Universal, and I’m like 20 minutes away from the CCM!!! I wanna see Bubba (Spencers friend, who is in the Peru MTC right now!) so bad I dont know how it would be possible but who knows, miracles do happen!  So life, my life has definetly taken a big turn and thing are pretty different now!!!!!! Haha  First of all, I was transferred to Lima, which is SO different than Huancayo or Huanuco… I mean, I got here Wednesday and I had to wait till Sunday to even see the sun… WOOF!  And well Lima has a lot more stuff, like the chapels are bigger and a lot more like the States, our Bishop is a CHAMPION and so that is very helpful!!  Also, probably the biggest change is MY COMP IS A GRINGO!!! HOOORAY!!! Its pretty great I mean we still only speak spanish but it is awesome!!! His name is Elder Brent Winterton from Salt Lake, he Graduated from Skyline High School and he has about 14 months in the mission.  Hes a great guy and we get along great. 

Also I got a new assignment, I’m a Zone Leader.  And its a lot harder than I thought! Haha  I mean, I got here and the zone is well.... pretty much struggling ALOT!  So in my first zone conference I kinda had to lay the hammer down… ummm.... because the zone leader before me, he kinda had the attitude that numbers dont really matter, so if we dont reach our goal each week, dont worry bout it!! He claims that numbers didnt matter because they were all working… AY CARUMBA!!!! Yeah its true, numbers arent everything, but they are what show if your even working or not!!!!!  So I dont think the zone was to thrilled when I told them we are going to take a new direction adn change ALOT of things… But thats the way its gotta be!!!!  So, I wont lie, its kinda hard being zone leaders, I mean I’m just used to kinda being everyones friend and taking it easy… but that isnt really possible in my new role… Sweet Death I need some help!!! So Dad I will be waiting anxiously for your next email filled with lots of advice and tips for me!!! Also my new pensionista is the BEST!!! Lima is really different becasue people here actually have stuff! Like  they own computers and I dunno just stuff! Its alot more like the States here, but still pretty different haha!!!I would much rather be in Provincia (The Provinces are the areas outside of Lima, like the places he had been in before), but I will stay positive and just enjoy what I got!  So, I really do miss Huancayo and my area, my companion Elder Contreras and my Pensionista, also I miss just being able to work and not have to worry about 16 other missionaries and a bunch of stress, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles!!!  Oh and Tuesday as my last lunch there in Huancayo and  my Pensionista made me GUINEY PIG!!! HAHA   We asked for it and it was well… rather interesting, tastes like chicken!!!  The picture with my old pensionista in Huancayo, I am holding a plate of GUINEY PIG also a few pictures of my last zone meeting and district meeting in Huancayo, so they have these crackers here and the brand name is KRAPS!!! Haha   I couldn’t resist, so we had Kraps with Peanut Butter in my last district meeting.

 We had a baptism yesterday, here in Lima and we also got to hear President Monson, Elder Christopherson and Julie Beck (Tell her I was waiting for my shout out… haha) speak to all of Peru in a Peru wide Stake Conference! It was pretty cool.  So life is great but crazy!!!!  I am going to write yall some letters, sorry I have been slacking, I hope you don’t feel like I have forgotten about yall but life just gets more and more busy here!!!!!   I will try to do better! I,m anxious to hear about Liney, my Catholic sister! HAHAHA  and I will pray for you that you wont become a nun!!!!  I LOVE YA!!!!   And, PLEASE, remember in yours prayers that there are 2 gringos in downtown Lima, running around preaching the Gospel  like mad! LOVE YA!!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

The paragraph below came in a separate email that Spencer mailed first for Ainsley since he kind of forgot her birthday last Monday =)!!!

Ainsley, Im a horrible person... when i logged off my computer last week for internet i walked down to print out my emails and all was well, then i stopped, smacked my forehead and yelled OH FLIP!!! MY comp asked me what happened, I told him, its my sisters birthday an i forgot to tell her happy birthday! I really did feel horrible... So today before i write my president or send pictures i have to wish you a VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, Late but Sincere,
HAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY AINS!!! YOUUUUURRRR OLD!! hahahaha!!! And by the way i did sing to you Tuesday morning! So now i will go and write my pres and upload my pics and write my letter! IM SOSOSO SORRY!!! LOVE YA!!!

Then after Spencer’s apology to Ainsley and his regular email and  then 2 emails with pictures in them, we got another email and the subject line said: OH CRAP!! So, here is what that short email said.........

I forgot to tell you that mom, you wont get an email this next Monday. You have to wait till Thursday!!! SORRY but we are going to the temple on Thursday and dont have p-day  on Monday!!! BYEE! (This totally made me laugh because I think he had finished everything else and realized that if he didnt let me know I wasnt going to hear from him until Thursday, I would freak out on Monday and send him about 100 emails asking him where he is and then I would make Marty call the mission office and find out what was going on!!!!! But at least this time he told me before hand, so he is learning !!!!!) 

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Elder McGhie and Elder Smith eating the Kraps crackers =)!!

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Spencer and his new companion, Elder Witherton in Lima!!!

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