Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

September 12, 2011

Singing In The Rain and This Is Peru !!

Hola everyone, I sort of totally forgot to send Spencer’s email out this week……..I think my mind just decides it needs a break sometimes and it goes to Peru to hang out with Spencer???? =)!!  So we have another short email this week, but I guess that means he is working hard or maybe he is having way too much fun!!!!!!??? J
I hope this email finds all of you happy and doing great!!  Thanks for being so wonderful!!!
Carrie                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               P.S. ……..On Oct 3rd Spencer will have been on his mission for 11 months!!!  We are almost to the one year mark!!!!  I can’t wait to start counting down!!) =)

Hola familia y amigos
So how bout them cougz!! That’s a bummer that they lost, I only saw the score, I will read the details after this and well mom, I  have no clue if I’m getting transferred.  A lot of the other missionaries have told me they think I’m going but, I have no idea!!!  The package was AWESOME! I love it all i have been eating all the teddy grahams with my cake frosting! It’s like manna from Heaven!!!!  and all the little funny things made me laugh and yes I felt very loved!!! I hung some of the posters up in my room and everything!!!  So i got a lot to tell you guys and very short time to do it!!!
    So this week was absolutely NUTS!!!  With the good news that Hermano Tomas got baptized!!! HHOOOOORAY!!! After 78 missionaries the Lord finally touched his heart and it just so happens that I was here to see it happen and be the missionary to teach him!!! It was so great and it is all thanks to the Heavenly Father... We had to fight and fight and fight to get Hermano Tomas to that baptismal font, but it was so worth it!!! He has changed incredibly and in 1 year he’s going to the Temple with his wife and daughter!!! To be sealed for Time and All Eternity.  What a miracle this life really is!!! Sometimes i just can’t even comprehend how perfect God´s Plan is!!! Well it’s PERFECT!!! Haha, so that was awesome.  But on the not so awesome news, the twins just totally got freaked out and bailed on the baptism thanks to the 1st counselor in our ward.... WOOF! We had a Family Night with them, and we taught the Sabbath Day and Tithing.  And all was just fine and dandy till the 1st counselor started to get really fired up and it ended with him practically yelling that there is one true church and the rest are led by the DEVIL HIMSELF! I almost fell off my chair!  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE THAT THE 1ST COUNSELOR IN THE BISHOPRIC, DOES THAT IN A LESSON WITH 2 PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT LDS!!! I just shook my head and said T.I.P.... This is Peru, what can ya do? So, that completely freaked them out, and then their neighbors told them that if they get baptized they have to pay all they own to the church and oh my goodness!!!! Haha, But, we worked with them and now they know that the 1st counselor got a little carried away and was totally wrong in what he said and so was their neighbor!!!! It looks like they will get baptized the 24th of this month and that will be awesome and all (If I’m here!) haha but yeah so that was an adventure!!   So the next day I was just a little down and then the rain came down like mad!!!  It was about 6 in the evening and it rained like I have never seen before!  Oh, remember that time we were in Nauvoo, it rained harder than that!  And it just made me so happy!!! My companion asked me if we should go back to the apartment and wait it out, I laughed out loud and said, HECK NO BABY! This is when we show how important this message is, that not if even an absolute down pour will stop this message from getting out!!! It rained for a solid 3 hours like that and I was so happy! We contacted like crazy FOOLS!! Everyone told me we were nuts but it was awesome! I was singing, called to serve the whole time and it really just made me so happy! I love this work and how great it is!! Sorry this is really short but I will do better next week!!!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!!

About the attached pictures:
Hermano Tomas and his family at his baptism, last p day we played legit soccer with my AWESOME New soccer ball, and us celebrating after the baptism! Don’t worry I only use those glasses in the apartment as a joke... but if one day I need glasses I will be rollin like that!!!

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