Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

December 12, 2011

I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go

Okay, here is Spencer’s Email from December 12th…. but he was so sad and he also sent us a little voice recording and you could just tell he was trying to be happy but he wasn’t at all successful!! (at least not to my very keen “MOM” radar……….he cant fool me!!=) So, I being HIS MOM, had wanted him to stay in Santa Anita with Wonderful Elder Brown for Christmas and then when he was so sad and it was so obvious in his voice and in his email………….well, I cried pretty much on and off all day cause I just wanted him to have the most amazing Christmas this year and it felt to me like it wasn’t going to happen, so I cried!!!  But of course in his next email he was HAPPY SPENCER again, so I just sort of didn’t send this email out and then when I got his happy email, I decided to attach last weeks to this weeks and I am very sure that this hasn’t made a bit of sense to anyone but me…………..sorry!!  Basically I was trying to tell you why it is a week late being sent to you...Lame Sauce!!  I just had one more realization that I am not the perfect MOM that I was so clinging to…………….bummer again!! =O!!!!  Anyway, here is last weeks email!!  Carrie =)!!!
So, how’s life in the fast lane?   I sure hope you’re doing great!  So I guess I should start off with the news… Transfers came and took me with them, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!   It’s true, I was SUPER Bummed out, I wanted to stay in Santa Anita with Elder Brown for Christmas SO BAD, but I guess that’s just the way the cookie crumples… ¡PUCHA! (it’s like flip or freak in English)  So I traveled super far to my next area… almost a whole HALF HOUR! YAY!!! Haha   I got transferred to La Molina.  It’s like the richest part of Lima, and my area is about 20 minutes from the MTC here in Bus.  Haha so I will be in practically the same place as I was last year… Go figure eh?  My area is called MUSA and it’s the area where elder Brown started his mission!  QUE LOCO!  So my area is really interesting, I thought it was all going to be super rich but I was a little bit off… Don’t get me wrong there are parts of my area that are ridiculously rich! Like its all intercoms and not doors, then there is a part that is above average, but not crazy rich, that’s where we live and there is a pretty poor part.  So, it’s pretty interesting, but it is REALLY, REALLY, REALLY Safe.  So you can be happy about that MOM (that’s me!), La Molina is like the nicest and safest district in Lima! 
 And I’m now with Elder Huanca (wanka, like willy wonka)  And well he was my zone leader for 3 changes when I started his mission, and now we are Zone Leaders together!  But there is one problem… He is in his last transfer and did not want to finish his mission as a zone leader… woof! HAHA so this should be an interesting transfer to say the least.  He is pretty trunky, but he wants to finish his mission working, that us really all I can ask for!  So please pray for us…  I’m going to need some serious prayers this transfer!!! 
So Saturday one of my investigators with Elder Brown had his baptism.  And well we are neighboring districts, I called President Ardila to see if I could see the baptism, and President Ardila being the Champ that he is let me go see the baptism!  YES!!!  It was pretty awesome to be able to see his baptism and Elder Brown again!  And well a family that Elder Brown and I were teaching together attended the baptism and they all have baptismal dates for Christmas!  How great is that! For the family and Elder Brown!  If someone deserves to baptize like crazy it’s Elder Brown!  So after the baptism when we got back here in Musa, won’t lie I was having a pity party.  In 3 months in Santa Anita we fought and fought and there weren’t many results, and now I got sent to another area where we don’t have anyone, and I have a companion finishing his mission and all our investigators that Elder Brown and I taught are getting baptized!  That was my pity party and I was just sitting there thinking, feeling sorry for myself, and I just took a deep breath and said, well for some reason the Lord wants me to be here in Musa right now.  Got down on my knees and really just thanked Heavenly Father for the time I had in Santa Anita, my time with Elder Brown and the chance I have to serve here in Musa.  Its times like these when you just got to remember this isn´t our time and like the Hymn says, “I’ll go where you want  me to go Dear Lord”… 
I am SO grateful for the Family I have, your example all that you have taught me and still teaching me even if I’m on another continent.  I love ya so much,  I hope you all have the Very Best Christmas you have ever had, because YOU DESERVED IT!   Love you all SO much, I’m trying to send packages home with my pics and letters for friends and fam at home and in the mission field, I can´t promise anything, but I’m going to try!
I love yall!   Until next week!

Elder Spencer Marty McGhie.

Ps… My pics wouldn’t load, sorry and please pray for Elder Biliter, he is with Elder Arnao, my second companion, the really, really hard one... And you already have pics of Elder Huanca, when we took a bunch of pics at the temple with Elder Porter, Rojo, Corbridge, and all them he is in those pics! CHAU!

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Some Old pics from a while ago with his new comp in them!!

Okay here are these missionaries names from our left to right:
Elder Porter, Elder Huanca, Elder Zarate, Elder Corbridge,
Elder Rojo (Spencers trainer), and Spencer or Elder McGhie =)
The same people as above only being "Spencerish" or in
other words, weird like Spencer (but only in a good way) =)

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