Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

December 5, 2011

La Mano del Señor! Google Translator said it means........The Hand of The Lord

What’s up FAMILY  Y AMIGOS!!!!!!

I hope all is well, I am very anxious to see how you are all doing and what is going on… I know you feel the same so lets get started!!! First off I gotta tell you about Ricardo.  He is THE MAN! I think I told you a little about him last week,but really he is amazing!  He has 3 tumors in his body and the doctor said he has some where from 3 months to a year to live and he is just unphased!!!  He just says he knows he is going to beat it because he is changing his life!!! The first time we met him we were on splits, I was with elder Udall and we entered his apartment and it was just one little room with a giant poster of a half naked lady… woof.   So I decided to tell him how it is without fear and just trust in the Lord…  So we got to talking and he said he really wanted to change and become a man of God again.  We read Mosiah 3: 19 that talks about the natural man, pornography.  We told him if he really wanted to change his life he would start now and take down the poster… what did he do….. he immediately ripped it off the wall!!!  O YEAH!  10 POINTS FOR GRIFINDOR!!!  It was awesome, and he is a true champion and going to get baptized this week!  Please pray for him, there is a lot of opposition, but I know he can get through it!
Next story, yesterday we had a stake activity, a Door Knocking activity, Elder Brown and I with 2 other companionships headed out with a bunch of youth and young single adults to knock doors… It’s a good way to help missionaries get new investigators and excite the members, but the results are usually rather small.   I went with 2 teenagers, one is 13 the other 17, it was their first time going with missionaries to preach or knock doors, so they were rather nervous and I was too because the first time preaching is like a first impression, they are going to start forming their opinions and expectations for their missions and missionary work…  Well, we had about nothing for an hour.  I started to get a little panicked and saw they were a little disanimado ( I don’t know what that is in English).  So we knock on a door and I see some guys shadow, I wave and then he just bails… I was like umm ok, so we knocked again and he didn’t come to the door, so we knocked a little bit louder and he answered the door… I knew he was gold when he opened the door and had a hat on that said ¨Say Yes to JESUS!¨  haha!!  I gotta get me a hat like that, but anyways, he let us right in…  Turns out he is from HUANUCO! And he lived by my first area! He had moved to Lima about 2 years ago but all his family is in Huanuco…  we started talking, turns out his parents and sister were members in Huanuco… SCORE!  So we went to Helaman 5: 12 and we talked about the verse, I asked him how can we build ourselves on the rock of Christ?  He said, well we could be born again, like through a baptism… I just about fell off my chair flat on my face!!! The 2 youth looked up like WHAT THE HECK! I then invited him to be baptized on Christmas…HE ACCEPTED!  Flip it was AMAZING!  We left his house in awe, I looked at the 2 youth and we just started high fiving like crazy!!! 
I just keep learning again and again that this is the LORD´s work and He knows all!!!  I’m so grateful to be here working in Peru, what a blessing it is!!! We took some investigators to the Christmas devotional yesterday and it was awesome.  I had a weird and rather scary thought , that at the next Christmas devotional, I won’t be a missionary in Peru, I will be at my house or maybe in the conference center! AHHH!!!   This time is flying by!  I gotta give it all while I can!!!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!!!!!!! 

So, I should tell ya why my thumb is purple in this
pic... I smashed it in a door like 2months ago...
Were definetly the words that came out
of my mouth... haha but its growing back...

 this is the first mcdonalds i had eaten since
i got here in Peru...brought back
serious memories with my bro COLLIN! 
I want a letter from that kid!
Love ya,enjoy!

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