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November 28, 2011

Fasting on Thanksgiving, What were we thinking???

This email was edited by Marty, Spencers Dad so if it doesnt make sense or is a mess, then it is HIS fault =)!!  I just wanted everyone to know that because I spend a lot of time on Spencer's emails but at least he did it and saved me from doing it so I am grateful =)!!! 


How’s it going in dear old Sandy Utah!?  I hope all is well and it’s really cold!!! I’m sittin here in Lima Peru, it’s a solid 75 degrees, with the sun shining!  And about to enter into Summer Time!  Haha how bout that for the polar opposite of Utah in December!  Well almost December... Can you believe we are entering December!  So how was Thanksgiving?   I’m guessing it was pretty fun!  So I’ll tell you about what went down this week in PERU!

Starting off, we have been working like mad here in Santa Anita.  It’s the end of the month and we have some goals we gotta meet!!!  And Edwin and Janiz couldn´t get married this week, cause in Santa Anita, you have to put your name in the newspaper announcing your wedding for 8 days!!!  WOOF, apparently a lot of people have gotten married more than once, and 2 weeks later their wife comes and flips out saying that he is still her husband... CHISPAS!  SO we have to wait for them to finish their papers and announce it and all that jazz...  So to say the least Elder Brown and I have been searching like mad to find people to baptize and also the zone, we have been searching like CRAZY!  
So Tuesday in the zone meeting Elder Brown and I announced that we were going to have a zone fast Thursday, and break it together Friday, with a sister in our ward that knows how to cook tacos!  Because they don’t eat tacos here in Peru - that was a shocker when I got here expecting to eat like cafe rio everyday... NOPE, haha turns out all Latinos don’t eat tacos and they aren’t all from Mexico... MY BAD!!!  Haha I’m a little slow the thinking department, I know...  Haha but anyways, after the zone meeting Elder Brown and I were cleaning up, and I stopped dead in my tracks and said, NO! Elder Brown do you know what Thursday is?  He thought for a sec and we looked at each other... THANKSGIVING! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!   Hahh so if you are all wondering when I ate for THANKSGIVING... A whole lot of NOTHING! Haha, yes I fasted on Thanksgiving... I know that would be a sin in the states, but I guess that’s what happens in the mission... haha.
So in our giant quest to baptize this week, we ended up with... 0 baptisms, Elder Brown and I, but we ended up with lots of stories and a whole bunch of investigators for December.  I would like to share a little story of Hermana Aida and her family.  She is like 85 and loves to attend church, and wants to get baptized but she can´t go alone, so there are some members that take her.  But to be able to baptize her we had to get verbal permission from her son, who takes care of her...  We had already tried 2 times to get his permission, but all we got were a lot a excuses.  But this time Elder Brown and I were determined!!!  What we ended up with is me telling her son that well I sure as heck wouldn´t want to be him in front of Dios when he asks him why he didn’t let his mother get baptized... and not gain eternal life, but hey maybe I’ll get to baptize her in the Spirit World....  So with that we just keep and chuggin here in Lima Peru! I hope you all have a great week, sorry my pics didn’t work, cause my computer wouldn’t read my card reader!  So keep it real, I love yall a whole bunch!!!
Elder McGhie

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