Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

November 21, 2011

Elder Waddell Is My Hero!!

Oh and Marty edited this email so if it doesnt make sense or has a lot of errors..........it is his fault =)!!!
Spencer’s email from Nov. 21st
So my letter is going to be rather short today cause I am sending like 12 pics home and that always takes a while, so i sent a voice recording that was pretty long so you won’t feel robbed!  So where to begin is always the toughest part of my letters!!!
                But I should start with the biggest event of last week… ELDER WADDELL!  He’s in the area presidency here and he gave a talk in conference in October, in the Priesthood session.  He talked about the mission and that The Lord already has all our investigators, companions, and areas planned out, it was an awesome talk, but do you know what was even more awesome!?  His conference with us! Haha, he pretty much threw the HAMMER DOWN! And it was the greatest thing ever!!!  He got up and told us the biggest problem that missionaries have is that we don’t invite people to baptism or to church with power and authority.  He then told us that we don’t do it cause we are scared to get rejected or we are scared that the investigators will get scared and bail out.  He then told us that feeling comes from our PRIDE!  He said that we are not here to feel good, to be all buddy buddy with investigators - we are here to represent Jesus Christ and testify with POWER AND AUTHORITY, and if not we are too Prideful and we put ourselves, and our own desire before the LORD!  It was EXCELLENT!  He also said we have to promise the blessings that are to come when we obey the Lord or they have no reason to accept and seguir (this means follow) our invitations!  He said if we don’t promise blessings people won’t want to progress and if we don’t do our part we will be accountable for our actions.
                He asked us to think of our last interview with Heavenly Father and think of what he will say.  Elder McGhie, why didn’t you promise your investigator, umm let’s say Suzy, the blessings she would receive by attending church, because you didn’t complete with your duty, she didn’t get baptized nor her husband or kids and we lost GENERATIONS because YOU didn’t invite with power and authority and YOU didn’t promise her the blessings so she had no reason to attend church…. FLIP!!!  So to say the least we have been promising a lot more blessings and inviting with POWER AND AUTHORITY!  Cause I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t want an interview with the Lord like that!  It was absolutely Fantastic the Conference! 
                Elder Waddell is also GIANT, he is even taller than Bishop Peterson!  And there were random seating assignments, so we got there and guess where are seats were… front row right in front of him!!!  HOLY SMOKES IT WAS AWESOME!  So I can safely say the conference was a life changer and Elder Waddell is a straight up champion!   So Edwin and Janiz don’t know if they want to get married and baptized this week, we need a miracle, we have a lesson tonight so please pray for us!!!  Also for Vayron - he has his date for Saturday and we can’t find him!!! WE NEED LOTS OF PRAYERS!!! So I love yall.   I hope you have a WONDERFUL week!
Elder McGhie
Ps - Shout out to Down Town Elder Brown, he´s going for the year mark!!! I mean he only got his call 5 months after me but left 3 weeks after… not that I’m bitter or anything!  HAHA LOVE YA JORD!  CHAU!  VIVA PERU!  NO PASA NADA CON CHILE! JAJA!
Pictures are coming soon!!

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