Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

November 7, 2011


Estimada Familia y Amigos,
AINSLEY IS ENGAGED!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! HOLY SHNIKIES! Congrats Big Sis!!!  (For those of you who don’t know, Spencer’s sister Ainsley got engaged on Nov. 6th to Mr. Russell Banks, who just happens to be the Grandson of Marty’s Mission President!!!  How’s that for a small world!!)  
That’s great!  I’m so proud of ya! But if you ever put on a U of U shirt you will be dis-owned, I just wanted to make myself clear on that point (Just in case you don’t know, Spencer is a die-hard BYU Fan)  But really congrats!  Just got out of the temple and I was putting some names on the prayer list and of course I put the family down, and I paused and thought...  Well I better put Russ on there as well!!! Haha Thats great, tell Russ Hey and congrats and all that jazz!!!  
Soooo it feels like I haven’t written yall in about 3 months!  A week and a half is brutal! haha! Oh yeah, when I left the internet place, last week I had a slap the forehead, and scream, Oh No, Moment, haha I totally spaced on telling you that I was going to go to the temple this week so pday and your email wouldn’t come until Thursday!  But Elder Biliter saved my life!!!  I love that KID!!! He is such a champion! (Important information pertaining to Elder Biliter saving Spencer’s life:  Spencer and Elder Biliter went into the MTC the same day and they were in the CCM together so they are good friends and I am friends with Elder Biliters mom too, so Spencer called him in a panic on Monday morning because he knew that I would wait and wait and wait all day and send him about 300 emails, during that time, asking him where he is and I also, might have(no I totally would have) made Marty call the mission office and find out from one of the office missionaries where my son was!! So he asked Elder Biliter in his email to his mom (their zone had a normal Monday pday) to ask her to please email me and let me know we wouldn’t be hearing from him until Thursday and she did!!  I know, he probably went to all that trouble to let me know his email wouldn’t come until Thursday because I am such a pain but he also didn’t want me to wait and wait and get all stressed either!!  So Elder Biliters cute mom sent me an email telling me about “no email until Thursday”and it was almost as good as getting an email from Spencer, cause basically by all he did, he was telling me that he loves me and is thinking of me!  That was so nice and it made me very happy!!  Sorry about using the word email sooooo many times??)

We also had Zone Leader Counsel Meeting and Elder Brown and I got to sit next to Elder Biliter and Elder Paolacci, they are awesome!!!  Their zone is our neighboring zone, in Vitarte, and we are in Santa Anita, It’s just above our zone!!!  So I just gotta say that my mission President is THE BOMB!  President Ardila is a straight up champion!  In the meeting Pres. Ardila just gave it to us... QUEMADITO (This is what the “Marty translator” said Quemadito means: On Fire or Marty says in other words, he let them have it!!)!  But it was so flippin awesome!  He is great and his wife is really, really sweet and nice!  So yeah zone leader counsel is a little different than just zone meetings and stuff, things are said a lot more clearly... haha if ya get my point!  So that was pretty fun!

Oh and I got my “one year celebration” package and me and Elder Brown had a major party!!  It was great and yes we made those mini smores and had a great time!  We laughed our heads off while making them and then we laughed some more at your in depth instructions on how to make them!!haha...We just chilled and ate lots of junk, it was great!!!  I love my having Elder Brown as my comp!!  He is so awesome and he loves to work hard but we have so much fun too!!  I took like 100 pictures of the one year celebration we had but they won’t load, AGAIN!!  So Monday si o si madare mis fotos y una grabacion de voz! (Marty translates it as: I will try to send pictures and a voice recording)!

So, now I want to tell ya how we are doing in our area...AWESOME!!!!  After SOOOO Much time with just nobody progressing, last week Elder Brown and I just said, “Okay, it’s time to just go at like mad men” and we did and it has paid off greatly!!!  We were walking down the street last Friday and it was like 3 in the afternoon, it was really hot and nobody wanted to answer the door, we had just eaten cow tongue for lunch... or was that the day I completed 1 year...??  I cant remember but anyways we ate cow tongue and also octopus this last week and so we were walking down the street and i see a guy right in front of me and I thought, hey I am going to contact this guy, but the Natural Man of course said, No, don’t do it, it’s hot and you really don’t want to contact him!  So, after and internal argument of a solid 10 seconds I fought off the Natural Man, manned up and went to contact this kid.  We started talking to him and he agreed to have us come and teach him and he said yeah, don’t worry I’ll be there Sunday at church!!  Well, that’s what everyone says!  But he actually showed up at church on Sunday!!!  I don’t know if you guys understand how rare it is that a street contact actually attends church, but it’s pretty rare!!!  We had our appointment with him right after church, and we started talking to get to know him and what he believed and we started teaching lesson 1, but the Spirit told me to CHALLENGE THIS GUY to be BAPTIZED!  I was like, well here goes nothing, so, I opened up the scriptures to 3Nephi 27: verse 20 and taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ asked him how, he thought we can we become clean again.  He said through baptism, I said alright if we can become clean again through baptism should we wait and delay or do it as quick as possible?  He said as quick as possible (in this moment I almost fell off my chair)  And we invited him to be baptized the 19th of this month and he accepted and BOOM… WE BE GOING TO THE BAPTISMAL FONT BABY!!!!  Oh, it was so great and the Spirit was so strong!!!  I just was in awe at the power of the Hand of the Lord.  After that major success, we found about 4 other investigators and they all have baptismal dates!  We are going to rock it this month!!  Oh and we are working with Edwin and Janiz trying to help them get married on the 26th of this month and then... VAMOS A LA PILA BABY (Marty translated this as, “lets head to the baptismal font, Baby!!)!!!
I love the mission and Elder Brown is a Grade A CHAMPION!!!  I am so stoked to have him as my companion!!!  He is awesome!!!! Well, I will be emailing you again on Monday, so I gotta go now!

LOVE Yall sosososso MUCH!!!
I hope all is well!!!!!
tell Liney hi and I love her and to keep on charging(charging??)!

Elder Espencer Martincito MAGGIE
(I am thinking that this must be how the Peruvians pronounce his name?  He is such a goofball!!)!!!!
Fotos- NOPE!  And once again a complete failure on the fotos ! AHHHHHH I have like 50 to send you and some voice recordings!!!!  Monday the computers better work for us!!

Hi, I just wanted to say hi and tell you all that we didnt get our email until Thursday this week!!   Also, I just want to say that it is getting harder every email to figure out what Spencer is saying??  Marty said it is because he is using “Mormon Slang” and google translator doesn’t have that in its dictionary!!  Plus all his sentences are backwards and he writes just like he talks and he doesn’t speak with correct grammar and he speaks in run-on sentences too!!!  (Okay, I admit that I talk the same way and I love those run on sentences too!!)  Marty says that Spencer is thinking in Spanish and translating it to English so he says his sentences backwards and I say that Marty should be translating and editing Spencer’s emails instead of me….Haha(as spencer would say!)

We had a fantastic “Fiesta” at our house on Nov. 3rd as we celebrated Spencer being out one whole year in the mission field!!!  Oh and we burned a white shirt (that is what they do in Spencer’s mission to celebrate their one yr mark) and Marty almost burned our house down!!  So he is totally grounded from burning anything ever again!!!! =) I will try to add pictures of Marty’s pyro-maniac-ness  at the bottom of this, since we haven’t gotten any pictures from Spencer for 3 whole weeks………due to defective computers in Peru ??? =)

Oh and I apologize in advance for adding so many comments!! 
Carrie =)!!

Here are a few pics of Marty burning out house down (almost =)!

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