Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

October 31, 2011

“And the Free Fall Begins............ 1 year, I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!”

HOOOLAA Familia and Friends!!! How are we doing??? 
I hope all is just fine and dandy… So this last Wednesday we had transfers and my companion, Elder Winterton went to serve in the Jungle!  That lucky dog!  He’s a great kid and missionary, I’ll miss him!!  But I now have an AWESOME New Companion, ELDER KEATON BROWN, straight outa Tucson Arizona!!!  He is a straight up champ!  Haha!!  I just knew he was going to be the best when he got here, cause first of all he is an “Elder Brown” and since I know another “Elder Brown” as well but he is serving his mission in Chile and well we all know that the “Chile Serving, Elder Brown” is a Grade A Champion!!  Then when my new companion told me his first name is KEATON!  Haha!!  My mind was just blown, my new companions has the same 2 names as 2 of my greatest friends from home! (In case you don’t know, Spencer has 2 amazing friends from home, they are Elder Jordan Brown who is serving in Chile and Elder Keaton Morton, who is serving in Bolivia)Haha!!  Pretty  good stuff eh!
So, me and Elder Brown go running every morning and it is really just awesome!!!  All the people just stop in their tracks and stare at 2 Gringos running by with Book of Mormons in their hands, haha!!  We just say, “Buenos Dias” and keep on chugging!  But we have to run with rocks in our other hand cause there are about 5 dogs every day that want to kill us, but dont worry mom, we dont actually hit the dogs with the rock (that is good cause he would be grounded for the rest of his life if he hit dogs with rocks!!) just close enough to scare em… sometimes haha (Not funny Spencer!)!  So he is a champ, and we are just going to have so much success, I just know it! I’m pretty stoked for this change!   
            So for the last couple weeks I have been pretty worried and confused, we haven’t had any investigators here that are progressing… we haven’t had anything going on with missionary work!!!  Edwin and Janiz are great people but they aren´t married so that will take a little while, and other than that we have the Little old lady Aida but her son, who takes care of her isn’t the biggest fan of the church at all!  So I have just been pretty stressed out with all the zone leader stuff and my area not having any people even listening  to what we have to teach them! !!  But this week I found my answer, The Lord was just teaching me a lesson!!!!  And here I have been very, very slow to learn it.  So, once again I learned that the most important thing in Missionary Work is to have the Spirit with you.  Absolutely Nothing Happens in this Work Without the Spirit!  And it’s not that I wasn’t being obedient or not working hard but I sometimes didn’t obey the promptings of the Spirit.  We would be walking and maybe I felt that I needed to talk to a guy, but I thought, why?  He is just going to yell at me or walk away and not listen to our message and I would just keep walking… ¡¡¡OH QUE ERROR (I am guessing it means something like, A HUGE MISTAKE??)!!!  I mean, I was doing it without even realizing what was going on!  So, one night I just got on my knees had a good long conversation with the Lord and I promised Him that I will ALWAYS follow the promptings of the Spirit, no matter how crazy it seems.  Well, I have been doing that and I have already seen a great change in my area!  Yesterday we left dinner and both our plan A and B failed, so I just thought and thought, where should we go?  It felt like we should go and visit Johnny again, he is a contact we have but we had already gone 2 times that day to see him and he wasn’t there either time!!  We decided we would go and try him again and on the way there I felt like we should talk to these 2 teenagers we saw and it turns out one of them was already a member of our Church and the rest of his family had listened to the missionaries when they taught him but only he got baptized!  His family was so happy to see the missionaries again, so we scheduled a lesson and we are going to visit them on  Wednesday!  I have such a great feeling about this family and if I hadn’t listed to the Spirit we would never have found them!!!  So, Everyone…. LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT ALWAYS AND LIVE WORTHY TO HAVE IT IN YOUR LIFE, EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY!!!
Love Yall!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!
Sorry, once again the pictures wouldn’t load on the computer!!  WOOF! 

Hey, I finally got some pictures from Spencer!! =)

Spencer one year white shirt with all his areas
and his companions on it..........now he is going to burn it!!! =)


Blowing out his one year candle and lovely hostess
treats that he smashed into a cake!! =)

Eating his lovely Hostess smashed together cake!!
Celebrating his ONE YEAR IN THE MISSION!!! =)

Elder Brown blowing the horns we sent
and wearing the hats that say:
Spencer is one year old!! =)

The made mini Teddy Grahm Smores.........So fun=)

Spencer holding one of his Teddy Grahm Smores..........Russ gave us the idea!!
We did them for FHE and it was sooo very fun!!  So we sent them to
Spencer to help celebrate his 1 year in the mission Anniversary!! =)

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