Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

October 3, 2011

In This Family We SERVE Missions!!!

Habla Familia Y Amigos!!!

    Another Conference has come and gone…  QUE TRISTE! (Marty said this means, so sad!!)All the sessions were amazing but time just flew by! Haha  I remember before the mission 2 hours of conference seemed like an eternity and I could barely keep my eyes open… Oh how times have changed!!! That’s the beauty of the mission!   So I think my favorite quote from the conference has to be from the Sunday afternoon session when the guy from the Quorum of the 70 said his mission was the best 2 years FOR his life.  It is definitely and 100 percent TRUE! As I look back on the 11 months that has Flown By, I sometimes say well I don’t think I have changed or improved very much in this time.  But like uncle Steven wrote me a couple months ago, it’s like seeing a little kid every day and then going away for few months, those that are with the child don’t really note the change and how fast he is growing, but he that left for a month always comes back and say WOW! Your kid has changed so much!  It’s like that in the mission, I think well I’m just about the same I dunno, but that if I take a good look at it all I realized, well I have changed, matured and my testimony has grown vastly.  I also enjoyed the quote in the priesthood session from Elder Holland I believe it was, when he was absolutely bringing the Hammer down on the need of more missionaries old and young.  He said to the Senior Couples that we need more of them and told them to not just say, but show by acts that in This Family, WE SERVE MISSIONS!!! I’m so blessed to have a dad who served, uncles, cousins, and Grandparents, I was born knowing that in THIS Family WE SERVE MISSIONS.  I was reminded by the scripture in Joshua about Choose ye this day whom ye will serve, but for me and my house WE WILL SERVE THE LORD. I just wanted to thank ya fam for letting me know by your example that we surely do serve missions in this Family. 

So Conference was the Bomb I really have a boat load of things to improve on!  I can’t believe I almost have one year in the mission, and instead of looking at how far I got to go I look back to see how far I have come!   Life is GREAT!

I just about fell on the floor when I saw that Liney and Ainsley went to the Taylor Swift Concert! SO JEALOUS!  I hope you sported my election shirts with me and her on the front haha, it brought back memories of the skit we did in the 6th ward me, Will, Ryan, Collin, Blake, Staples and Brandon, to Love Story, haha!!! So classic! When we all get back we are so watching that again.  But the best part of all is that every one of us is on a Mission!!! Does it get any better than that?! I THINK NOT!  Haha

So congrats to Ainsley that she is going to start actually cooking!!! Oh and I really need to know what are your thoughts about coming to Peru and picking me up? If you want to hear my take, I think it would be pretty cool, but I know it costs like a lot so if not we can just party it up in the house and save our money to go to  next year! Or to pay for college… haha, but don’t worry I’m not trunky I’m just posing the question! 

So let’s see I will think about the Christmas package mom, but I would like a 1 year package POR FAVOR! Not very big but there are some things I need… first of all hangers, I left em all in Huancayo…oops, I need a white tie for baptisms…also got left behind in Huanuco and It seems to have been ¨lost¨ as they tell me, I still haven’t gotten a copy or picture of my missionary plaque in the Pampus or my sbo pic at alta(mom) haha that’s your homework! And if you could send me the talks that spoke about the mission and the talk from President Uchtdorf  in the Saturday morning session, it was one of the best talks I have hears, and that’s about all I can think of for the 1 mark year package and well of course DULCES! Candy! Haha.  I love ya fam, life is good, Lima is well more difficult to preach the gospel, people aren’t quite as humble but its all good, we will continue with faith!!! Love ya sosososo much!  Keep it real and I’m anxious to hear from Liney about Juan Diego, life and all that stuff!!! And how’s it going in early morning seminary!!! Love ya sorry my email kinda is crappy today and no picture… ooops sorry!!!


Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!




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