Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

October 24, 2011



Well another week has just FLOWN By and this week are changes (transfers)!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAA AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  I can’t believe it, it’s like yesterday that I got here in Santa Anita! Holy Smokes times just flies by.  So last week was pretty nuts!  I have about 12 pictures to send home but my stupid computer won’t read my CAMERA CHIP! I mean seriously, come on people, I just need to load a few fotos, thats all I ask!  Haha, but hey what can ya do?  So let’s see where do I start, well I’ll tell ya about some investigators we have, first of all we have Edwin, Janiz and their daughter Jefferin.  They are pretty great, and they are crazy fanatics of HERBILIFE! Haha!! So it is a funny story of how we actually met them, we went and trained a family on how to share the gospel with their friends and we scheduled a family home evening for the end of the week.  So I was pretty stoked for the family night cause they told us that they were going to bring like 6 neighbors to listen to us!  We got to the family night and there were like 4 new investigators... SCORE and then 2 more people walked in, I was already imagining every one of them Dressed in White getting into the Baptismal Font... ooops not so fast skipper, turns out that instead of the family night, 2 of their neighbors figured, hey how bout we take advantage of this little gathering pitch our product... Herbilife!!!  So, instead of starting with a hymn and a prayer, we started with a 45 minute pitch on why we should take Herbilife... About 10 mintutes into their presentation I stepped out and talked to the sister that brought all the investigators  and she said... umm they told me they would listen to the message but first they had to give thier herbilife pitch... WOOF!!  We told them that we were going to leave and come back in a half an hour.  We bailed to go do some contacts or anything but watch some dumb video telling me i am going to die if i dont take my vitamins (Now Spencer, patience is a virtue and something that a missionary should have a lot of !!!)!  Well, we came back in 20 minutes and they were just turning off  a video...  I was just really irritated and wanted to scissor kick em in the back of the head (Wow Spencer, did I not sing, “I am Trying To Be Like Jesus” to you about every day that you were growing up??? I guess it didn’t sink in like I thought it would??? I think you would say…….WOOF!!)!!! They were totally robbing us of our teaching time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I waited a little more and it was already 9:20pm at that point and we were going to have to sprint to our room to make it in by 9:30pm,  so I just got up and gave a 2 second spiel and told em... thanks (a lot)! haha, but we scheduled another appointment, I was pretty upset and telling my companion,  man if I see those Herbilife people again, I will give them a talking to... Yeah let’s face it I’m a Lover not a Fighter(HELLO, that was just a really weird thing to say????), and I didn’t say a word to them about robbing us of our family night, instead we taught them about the restored gospel and they loved it!!!  Haha, so I thought that was interesting, also yesterday when we finished our lessons it was already 9:25pm and we can dead sprint to our room in 5 minutes, and Sundays we have to take informs (I have no idea what informs are?) till about 1130pm... woof, so we were sprinting in the street and some giant beast of a dog and his best bud decided they wanted to eat Elder McGhie, so I just want you to imagine me sprinting down the street, screaming like a little girl (He does that really well, those of you who have never had the experience of hearing him scream like a girl should be very grateful!!) in my suit and with all my scriptures screaming, COMPAÑERO ME PERSIGEN; ME PERSIGEN (I am assuming we are all just supposed to be able to translate Spanish miraculously or something?? I have no idea what he is saying???)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Haha, we passed a group of Peruvian gangsters and they got a pretty good laugh out of it, but I escaped somehow, and the dogs didn’t even chase Elder Wintereton! QUE PASA haha!  So there is a little bit of how my life right now!!  I love my mission ssososososososo much!  And all of you too!!!
Elder McGhie

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