Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday my very old Parents!!!

Feliz Cumpleans Mamita Bonita y Papito Viejìto!!! 

WOW YOUR OLD!!! Haha  So i hope mom´s birthday was pretty awesome and that all went well!!!  First of all I gotta thank the Lamb Family for writing me letters for my birthday(for everyone who wrote Spencer Birthday notes earlier, I promise I printed them out all cute and put them in his birthday package, which he hasn’t gotten yet, well I guess it was delivered today so I promise I sent him your birthday emails, he just doesn’t know about them yet!!)!!! It was awesome to hear from them! Tal and the E-Man gave me a good laugh! And the letter from Emma was great too!  Haha I miss those kids!!!  And they better be ready for when I get back , cause we have an Epic Football battle awaiting us!!! So Liney, hows Indian Hills goin!! I hope my all grown up little sister lets everyone there know how Awesome she is!! haha and Shaley Morton is a CHAMPION!!  haha Es perfecto, pero se mantenga alejado de todos los chicos!!!! 
So yeah its true, I almost died in the earthquake… haha, not!  My comp and I were in the street outside a member’s yard and all the sudden I just got really dizzy and then I looked up and all the people came running out of their houses yelling EARTHQUAKE!!! Haha but here in Huancayo it was just a little shake of the earth I didn’t even realize what was going on.  But, when I did and I saw all these people outside of their houses I was so tempted to get up on a bench and start declaring Repentance and that It was a sign from the Lord that the end is near… but I resisted.  Haha the picture in the beginning of Chapter 1, in  the Preach My Gospel book (every missionary gets this book, it is sort of like the handbook on how to do missionary work, just in case you didn’t know what it was!!) of  Dan Jones (I personally, don’t know who Dan Jones is but I probably should and don’t?) preaching like a Champion, totally inspires me to do that someday.  Get up on a bench and
preach old school style.  Mark my Words, I will accomplish that goal!  It might be the last week of my mission but it’s
going down!!! (I hope he doesn’t get arrested?? =)!!!

So this week was pretty AWESOME!  On Fridays my companion and I have our weekly planning session.  We sang our hymn and prayed for some guidance and I sat down and realized that we really didn’t have anyone progressing!!!  So what we did was made a list of ALL the investigators we are teaching and the number turned out to be 42.  42 Investigators and not 1 progressing… APOSTASIA!!! So my comp and I looked at the list and then we narrowed it down to people that can really progress towards the goal of their Baptism.  And then we put Goal for each of them so they can attend church Sunday….  And after about 3 week s of only having 1 or 2 investigators in Church guess how many we had yesterday… 8!!!!!! OH HECK YEAH! I was pretty stoked because Saturday in the morning we went out on the hunt to find those that are ready to receive this gospel and right off the bat we found Hermano Jonathan!  He is 18 and an old investigator from the Elders before.  But when we got here he started to work on Sundays in a Chinese Restaurant.  And he wasn’t very interested.  But oh how the Lord prepares his children to receive this Gospel!!! It just so happens that he quit his job to sign up for the Police Academy test that you walk in and take.   But it turns out it was false and the test is not until February!  He was just about to go back and start working Sundays but the Lord guided us there.  We got to talking about how it wasn’t a coincidence that he quit his job and there wasn’t a sign in test available; it was the Hand of the Lord.  Then I asked him what is his greatest desire or what is his ultimate goal and he said “Salvation!”  I just about fell on the floor! We then taught him how to achieve the goal of salvation and he accepted his baptismal date for September 10th!!!

Then after lunch we went to go find Hermano Thomas.  His wife and daughter are members but he isn´t.  His wife told us that we are the 78th set of missionaries that have come to visit her husband (she has a list) and we finally found him!!! I was stoked but pretty nervous, cause he already knew what was coming, but we trusted in the Lord and after a solid battle for about 45 minutes, I whipped out D&C 20:37, which straight would tell him if baptism is the way to gain Salvation.  I asked him if he was ready and willing to do what it says in D&C 20:37, he read it thought about it and finally said… YES!!! HAHAHA!!!   I then challenged him to baptism for the 10th (almost wrote desified him… haha spanglilsh) and he accepted!!! Number 78, the lucky number haha! So please pray for Hermano Thomas, Jonathan and also Hermano Cezar and his family that they can all accept this gospel and enter the Baptismal Waters!!!

Love all ya sososososo muchGO COUGZ!  And good news, MY PACKAGE IS HERE!!!! HOOORAY (He finally got his birthday package today, I mean really? I guess I need to learn that just because I am his mom, I can’t control everything!! I hate that =) So I will be enjoying that later today! Love ya fam and friends and can you believe it, I will have been out 10 Months this week…. SO NOT REALHABLAMOS!!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie

Spencer wishing me and Marty a
 Happy Birthday on a pretty paper that he
decorated all by himself and also he decided
to put his predictions for the BYU football season
below our Happy Birthday Wishes :)!!

Oh my goodness, "there is a very large bird
on my sholder!!!!  Way better than a python!!!

I think they are washing windows???  Arent
they so cute!! :)

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