Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

August 15, 2011



Well I hope all is well and life is just dandy there in Utah!!!
First of all I just gotta say, can you guys believe it, I’m turning 20 this FRIDAY!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! That’s just crazy talk!  So my computer is rather slow today, so I will do the best to type as much information as possible from last week.  Well I have officially achieved a task I at one point felt was impossible… I have finished the Book of Mormon in SPANISH!!! O HECK YEAH! That’s right! I finished Friday morning in personal study.  So crazy, I can remember when I entered the MTC they gave me a Book of Mormon in Spanish, I opened it and just thought to myself, I will never ever, ever be able to understand what this says, and BOOM, I have finished the Book of Mormon cover to cover in Spanish! And if I can do it, let’s face it, anyone can do it! In the start it was pretty rough, but little by little I put my English scriptures away and now, I won’t lie, I almost like the Book of Mormon more In Spanish!  English is just a little complicated…

And other big news, we had Baptisms this week!!! Jesus and Adriana got baptized and it was great! I’m not the kinda guy to baptize little kids without the parents, but they have attended the church for about 2 months and they really have testimonies and love the church.  So my comp and I in our fast we asked if we should baptize them and we felt it was the will of the Lord!   Jesus is going to be 12 in about 2 months and is stoked to have the Priesthood and they both want to be Missionaries! And Dad, just to tell you that Adriana is from Argentina!!! That’s right I baptized an Argentine!  I get to be part of the Argentine Family Club right!? Haha. 

And well we have another baptism this Saturday!!! HOORAY!!! It was a giant miracle, I won’t lie, his name is Hermano Armando, and he is like 40, he is dating a member but she is in Trujillo so that made things a little difficult! Haha but we were able to work with her family and friends as his Hermanadors (not sure what that is, maybe friendshippers?)…  But he told us that he had decided to get baptized but on his birthday the 5th of October!!! I was like oh for the LOVE!!! But we went on and invited him to pray and ask Heavenly Father His will…  So we got to fasting and all that great stuff and in our next appointment, we were expecting him to walk in and say I’m getting baptized BABY!!! But it’s never that easy.  He told us that he didn’t pray and ask, or read his book of Mormon, I was CRUSHED Inside but I tried my best not to show it.  After talking for a while, we started explaining the plan of salvation… I was just praying for help to be able to be happy and excited and teach him but I was just sad, and all the sudden BOOM, the Holy Ghost made me remember my personal study in Moroni 7, verses 33 and 34, that all is possible with faith in Christ if it is expedient for him.  The problem was that Armando didn´t feel as if he had been forgiven of his past sins.  I promised him it was the will of the Lord that he got baptized and if he had the Faith enough it would be possible.  He was just so relieved to know he can be clean and forgiven!!! He said I will pray tonight and call you tomorrow, so we were waiting anxiously the next morning for his call…. He called and said, “IM GETTING BAPTIZED NEXT SATURDAY!!!” HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! SO,SO,SO, AWESOME! I love this work and well I gotta go, it’s my birthday…. Thanks for the Package I’m excited to open it !!!
Love all ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, for my birthday I ask mom and dad to go to a temple session Friday morning TOGETHER and if its possible the family can go see the Joseph Smith movie downtown, that is really what I want for my birthday and I expect photos in Monday’s email!!!!!!!
Love ya sosososo much!!!
THE Birthday Boy….
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!

Answers to your questions quickly, the picture with the red streaks was after a family night with some members, we played a game and that was the punishment if you messed up, paint your face with lip stick...
haha!  I got my letter from Barlow tell him congrats and i flippin love that kid, AFRICA!!! That’s SICK!!! Love ya BarMAN!!!  We live in a house owned by the bishop and there really is a giant wall surrounding the house and his little front yard with a spike on the top and a giant metal door with deadlocks, it’s probably the safest room I will ever have!!!  We live on the bottom floor, he is building a second floor but in the back, so its all good!!!  I’m keeping really safe!!! My area is really nice and not ghetto.  My companion is a champ, he’s 22 and has 4 sisters!!! The only son as well! He’s great and he loves to play sports and stuff.  You can be Mamaso... haha but thats not that great how bout your just mamaita bonita lina preciousa, y tu eres la mejor mama en todo el mundo (I am pretty sure it means that I am the best mom in the world…….amazing, beautiful, stuff like that!)!!!  Oh, and tell dad, no we didn’t ride the train and I demand sports updates!!! I might be on a mission, but I aint dead!!! He didnt even tell me where Jimmer got drafted or how BYU football is looking! I need their schedule and updates!!! And how are the Braves? Love ya and ill write my email and send pics now!!!

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