Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

August 8, 2011

It tastes like CHICKEN!!!

A Warning from Spencer’s Mom,
The first story Spencer tells is about a boa constrictor snake and he sent pictures and told the horrible story of hanging out with it, killing it and then eating it!!  It made me sick to my stomach when I read about it and really when I saw the pictures………..so the pictures will come after this email, not all are of the snake, I will mark those so if you have a kind heart (like Spencer used to!!) or a weak stomach, DON’T LOOK AT THE PICTURES!!!  I know he thinks it was a grand adventure that won’t happen to him again but really I could have lived happily for the rest of my life without hearing about and seeing that experience!!  So don’t look at the snake pictures when I send them if you don’t want to and skip the second paragraph too!!!   AND REMEMBER YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!! I am going now………I hope you all still respect Spencer after reading this email about the poor snake……….I mean they have feelings too, people have them as pets and they say that they are wonderful……….oh I am going to throw up now………….bye Carrie…….no smiley faces today!!!!  Okay maybe just one =)!!!

What’s going on there guys!!! I Hope that all is going well and that you’re enjoying these last few weeks of summer!!! Is that nuts or what!? I realized yesterday that we are already in August and all that school starts in like 3 weeks!!! HAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s rough! But I hope all is well and so I guess I’ll give ya some details of what went down this week!!!
            So first off ill start off by explaining the Pictures of me and the giant snake! Or the BOA!!! We had that little party the about 2 weeks ago, but I didn’t want to tell yall without the pictures, because I knew you wouldn’t believe me! So I waited and yes that is a live Boa that is over 6 feet long and that’s me just hanging out with him!!!  Then we killed the boa and I won’t explain how or mom will throw up, but in other words we all had to hold it down on a bench while someone killed it… and it wasn’t very happy! It was an experience I don’t think I will ever have a gain hahahah! And yes the last pic is me about to eat fried boa!!! All I got to say is… TASTES LIKE CHICKEN! Haha but only really, really, really chewy! I don’t think I’ll eat it again.
(If he does ever eat it again, I hope he doesn’t tell us in graphic detail about it and send pictures too)!!!
But anyways I also have some news, an Elder from New Mexico finished his mission and his family came to pick him up! And he served in my area and they came to visit!!! It was SOSOSOSO Nuts to see Gringos from the states!!! His dad, mom, brother, and sister in law came by. It was service day and our service that morning was to help the bishop make Pacha Manka, and it was just nuts!!! And so hard to speak English!!! Haha His mom reminded me so much of you mom! (I am sure she must be very thin and beautiful too!! This is Carrie again, sorry, I just couldn’t resist!!)  And we talked and talked and talked! It was so crazy!!! It did make me a little trunky and I felt bad for myself and missed all you guys for about 5 minutes, then I just reminded myself, why I’m here and that this is the Lords time!!! We then finished lunch and got back to work!!! But it really was crazy! His mom took pictures of me and wrote down our phone number and your email address, she said she would be calling ya when she got back to tell you all about it.  It was pretty fun and to make the Pacha Manka is absolutely nuts!!! The just get a pile of river rocks and get them BURNING hot in a pit.  Once they are scalding to the bone they take em out with shovels (our job).  And I was honestly sweating from the heat of the rocks and some of them even exploded a little!!! Then from the same pit where they heated up the rocks, you put a layer of rocks back in and then you start putting the food in!!! First the potatoes and sweet potatoes, then cover em with a layer of hot rocks, then the tamales, another layer of hot rocks, after that just giant raw slabs of meat, and more flaming hot rocks, finish with some peas and then the cover it all with herbs and a tarp to keep the dirt out (but isn’t the pit made out of dirt or is it cement???) and then ya BURY IT!!! HAHAHAHA It sits there for like an hour and a half, then ya dig it up and its lunchtime!!! HAHA and it is SO DANG GOOD!!! It’s probably one of the top 3 craziest things I’ve ever seen in my life!!!
Alright what else happened this week… once again no baptisms… WOOF! But we have some really great investigators and I feel as if we are about to explode with baptisms, we are at the breaking point of the drought and we are about to go crazy on those baptisms!!!  (I HOPE AND PRAY)  We had a pretty intense lesson last night with the Hermano Armando…  He has attended church about 5 times, and is dating a member and they are in love, but he just wants to wait and wait and wait!!! So near the end of the lesson I was just praying with all my heart for something to say to him, and I can hardly remember what I said, but the spirit was so strong!!! I just bore my testimony and how Baptism is only the beginning of the adventure.  That God has SO MANY Blessings waiting for him and he just has to take a step of courage and start his adventure which comes AFTER the baptism.   Too many times the investigators think that the baptism is the big step, and it’s a big one, but it’s only the beginning, and like it says in the Scripture in Moroni 8:25-26, baptism is the first fruit of Repentance (thanks for the scripture ref Ains, I used it about a ton this week!)  Baptism is the first step; it’s the start of it all.  And I just look at my life and I was baptized when I  was 8 and right now I’m right in the thick of this great adventure which is LIFE!!! I love the mission SO MUCH! It’s so awesome and sorry about last week I got a little spiritual haha, but hey that’s what the mission will do to ya!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!!!
And you stay classy Sandy!!(Is he talking to the city of Sandy???) (I think he must be talking to those of us who live in Sandy and yes he is a little bit strange sometimes but WE STILL LOVE HIM!!) =)
Mom i sent home 2 other emails full of pictures (yes we know, 4 of the snake unfortunately), i hope you got em!!! Elder Smith is here!!! I LOVE THAT GUY!!!

I am not making this picture bigger, so if you
want to see it in all of its awfulness
you will have to double click on it!!........grossness!!!

Oh My Grossness, horrible and awful, bad Spencer!!!

I could throw up because of this picture...........disgusting!!

How can he be so happy
after killing that poor snake
and now he is going to eat it!!!

Elder Ben Smith and Elder Spencer McGhie
They were compaions in the Provo MTC!!

Elder Poindexter, who works in the mission office
 and Spencer eating pizza for the first time in 9 months :)!!

I found out that Spencer and his companion were at
 a members house playing games and the penalty for
loosing was you had to get lipstick smeared on
 your face :)!!  I am sure the family had little kids and
I can just imagine how much fun they had smearing
lipstick on the missionaries faces :)!!

Spencer being cute and working on the service project
of making the food in the pit, cant remember
what it is called but it says the name in
Spencers email above :)!!

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