Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

June 18, 2012

The Hogwarts Express in Peru!!!

So, this is Elder McGhie, writing you from HUNCAVELICA, Peru!  It is town about 4 hours away from Huancayo.  I traveled there today on a TRAIN!!!  Oh YEAH!  Haha it was so awesome!  It took about 6 hours by train, we left Hunacayo at 6:30 am and I got here around 12:30pm, but I totally felt like I was on the Hogwarts Express!  haha  It was a  legit chuga chuga cho-choo train!  And so, here I am in Hunacavelica on splits with one of our District Leaders, Elder Reyes from Chiclayo Peru.  I think I explained almost all of it on the voice recording! (Spencer sent 4 voice recordings, made while he was on the train!!  They are pretty funny and so very “Spencerish”!! =)They made me laugh and roll my eyes and basically they made me happy cause he is such a goofball!!! =) I will try to upload a link to his recordings but I am not sure how to do that so we will see what happens!! =)

So last week was kinda sad, all of our 3 investigators that were SO excited to get baptized all had some troubles this week and we couldn’t baptize anyone!  Oh man...  I won’t lie, I was pretty bummed since I got here to Hunacayo we have had 7 people super excited to get baptized and they really were doing great and all 7 have been disconfirmed... (not sure what that means except that they maybe cant be baptized ?) So Friday night we heard from Francisco (50 years old).  He moved back to Lima Wednesday at 4 in the morning! Then Jose Luis (23) well, he has a dad who is a drunk and a mom who is hooked on drugs so he fought with them and sort of moved out, well he left and his cell phone broke and we cant find him anywhere, and then Friday we were finishing the Pre-Interview with Sara and she told us she drank wine... WOOF!!!  SO Friday night I was a little bummed out, but we had killer multi zone conference with President Ardila on Saturday in the morning and it was AWESOME!  President Ardila is a CHAMP!  I was reading in my scriptures today and I found a verse that President Ardila had taught me about and I really love it!  Its in 1 Nephi 21:16, where the Lord promises that he will never forget about us, because he has us recorded in the palms of his hand!  I really liked that!! 

It’s crazy to think I only have 4 and a half months left to serve as a missionary,  it’s pretty sad!  I can’t believe how fast time has gone by and how fast it keeps on going!  I love Peru, my mission, and this CHURCH!  So it’s time to work harder than ever and learn all I can in these 4 and a half months that I have left, there is a lot of work to do!  And Mom, I have no clue what I want for my birthday! (Okay, here is a question for all of you………what do you send a missionary for his birthday on August 19th, when he will be coming home  2 months  and a few weeks later???  I know we can send him American candy but Hello?  What else ………..any ideas???)  Haha this week I will think about it and I will write you this coming Monday. 

Elder McGhie!

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