Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

June 11, 2012

My New Companion!!


How are you doing!?  I hope you guys are very happy and all is well in good old SANDY, UTAH on DIANA HILLS!  Haha that made me remember when Ainsley and I went to drop Brandon off at his house after church and it snowed a bunch and we were turning to go down Diana Hills and Ainsley spun out of control and completely TRUCKED the Street Sign of Diana Hills!  It was just lying there flat in the snow!! We were in her old, but cool  Lexus and it only has rear wheel drive!!…. HAHAHA!!! CLASSIC AINSLEY!  But anyway enough of making fun of the Professional Accountant and Pastry Chef, this week was crazy!!!

So I wanted to thank you guys for the package, it got here last week, so my comp and I have SO Much chocolate to eat haah!  But we are happy with it and yes, Mom, I love the picture of the missionaries and the Armor of God, and the little picture frame of Christ and the sheep is my favorite painting! SO COOL And don’t worry mom I am brown on the inside like the stripling warrior picture you sent!!! Oh and thanks for the invitation to the wedding… 1 month late, DONDE ESTA EL AMOR! HAHA!  No don’t worry all is well.  

So I am really sorry for my last few emails, that I haven’t written much, I will do better now!  SO my new comp is Elder Hernandez, It was so crazy we went to consejo(Zone Leader Conference that they have once a month) and President Ardila stood up and just started making transfers and he sent Elder Mitchell to the other zone in Huancayo, called Mantaro and Elder Hernandez is my new comp, he is from Guatemala, and a Champ!  SO happy and ready to work!  We get along great, of course I miss Elder Mitchell, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles eh?  So our investigators had to change their baptismal date to this week so we have Jose Luis, Sarah, and Francisco with a baptismal date this week…  Jose is 23 Sarah is 21 and Francisco is about 55 from Lima, he is here working for Claro (it’s like Verizon wireless of Peru)  and we found him and he wants to get baptized!!! There are also 2 teenagers, Junior and Christian they are 17 and 12, their Grandpa is member, and their mom is RE-CONTRA Inactiva (your guess is as good as mine about what their mom is???)!  So she doesn’t want to give them permission to get baptized, so please pray for them and their mom, so she can soften her heart and give them permission, so we have high hopes for 5 baptisms this week and about 15 to 20 as a zone. 
I am really happy here in Huancayo, I will be even happier on Friday because we are going to change rooms!!! YAY! We have a brand new room they have been building for the missionaries and it will be ready Friday!  SO I hope all is well I love you very much, the Peru Trip, plan seems perfect to me, we go and visit my area’s and Pensionistas and converts for a couple days then mom can return the others come, (just to add a little note of Reality to this Peru trip plan, (which Spencer wants to take after he has been home a few weeks) Spencer’s has been in three main cities; Lima, Huanuco and Huancayo….. well Huancayo is a 6 or so hour drive from Lima and Huanuco is a 10 hour drive from Lima and in the opposite direction from Huancayo, so I don’t know how we are going to do that in a 3 day period but we will see?? Oh and by the way, We ONLY HAVE 4 and a half months left!! =)  Okay, I am going now!! So, bye)  and we can go MAD SIGHT SEEING! YEAH!   SO, Dad, the converse are black high tops, size 10 and a half… and the elder is going to pay me!
P.S. …..Just in case you don’t read my lovely comments, I didn’t want you to miss this wonderful information:  
We ONLY HAVE 4 and a half months left!! =)

Spencers new companion, Elder Hernandez!!

Elder Hernandez is from Guatemala!!

Spencer and Elder Mitchell, who was his companion for
2 whole weeks and then they moved him to the other Zone
in Huancayo!! Also, this is what Spencer wrote about this
picture: Elder MItchell and I with our hair parted!!!

This is Elder Montgomery and he is from Sandy, Utah..... just like
Spencer is but they went to different High Schools!!  He is
in Spencer's Zone right now in Huancayo and he also was Chandler Mortons
companion in the CCM just recently!! Chandler is in Ecuador on
his mission but they were together in the Peru MTC.  Chandler
Morton is one of Spencers best friends, Keaton Mortons, little brother
and also Chandler is Spencers friend too!! =)  I dont know if I explained
all that very well, so if you dont understand it, post me a question!! =)
This is what Spencer wrote about this picture:
Elder Montgomery, chandlers ex comp, he is from sandy and he is getting
 trianed by the missionary that Elder Contreras trained, and I trained Elder Contreras, WHAT A CONECTION! HAHA! 


Below are pictures of Spencer with
other missionaries, who will be going
home on July 4th, so at the Zone Leaders 
Conference, they got to all say goodbye!! Here
is what Spencer wrote about these pictures:

              SAYING BYE TO SOME OF MY FRIENDS! Some of my best buddies in the mish that are ending this transfer!!!

Elder Stephenson and Spencer

Elder Taylor, I think he was an assistant
right before Spencer!!

Elder Avalos was Spencers companion in the
Mission Office  for 4 months and his good friend!!

Elder Brown, one of Spencer's Companions
and one of his best buddies in the mission!

Elder Merrill and Spencer

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