Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

June 25, 2012


So here we go I have about 10 minutes to crank out 7 days worth of information in an email... SO here goes nothing! 
Well we had a baptism and it was a CRAZY Miracle.  We have had 8 disconfirmations (those are people who have committed to baptism, then backed out) this month in our area, and we were about to have 9...  Her name is Sara and well it was Thursday we went to see how she was doing and to get her ready for her baptismal interview on Friday and she came out of her house and said, well sorry but I don’t want to get baptized and if it’s the last time you guys come by that’s ok... WHAT!  We tried to talk to her and she wasn’t even budging!!!  I was SO DEPRESSED!  We left and my comp and I just walked to Plan B in Silence!  Then Friday we had our Weekly Planning Meeting and we were talking about Sara and we said what the heck we are going to FIND HER AND BAPTIZE HERE!!! But Friday we had a bunch of interviews to do and a teenager from England got baptized named BOB JENKINS!  I will explain next week but yeah so the interviews were in English so I had to do it. My comp went and worked miracles and BOOM we baptized her! VIVA!  We have 3 more for this week! PLEASE PRAY FOR US! LOVE YA! BYE!
Elder McGhie

So here are some pictures that he sent of his train trip and I dont know why but he looks like a terrorist in some of the pictures cause he has a black hat on and a black scarf around his neck and his white shirt and tie on................so weird!!  But he is so cute and he has less than 4 months left!!! =) 

I think he spent a lot of time trying to
get a picture of the train from his window....he is
such a funny guy!! =)


See what I mean.............he looks sort of scary???? 

 And this one looks like he is going to throw a bomb
or something on the city.........good thing he is
only holding the Book of Mormon!! =)

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