Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

July 2, 2012


HEY HOWDY HEY!  So today is a very great day!  My companion and I are very happy right now, because we had 2 giant miracles!!!  So we have had a few tough times in our area, last month wasn`t exactly what we were hoping for.  9 disconfirmations!  But a couple weeks ago, we made some clear goals of what we needed to do and now we have been able to baptize 2 weeks in a row!  But our baptisms this week were SO INCREDIBLE!  Anthony and Franco they are 2 teenagers who have 16 and 18 years (which really means they are 16 and 18 years old) and they are straight up champs!!! There uncle is the ex 2nd Counselor in one of the wards in the Huancayo Stake and they are really CONVERTS!  Our District Leader finished their baptismal interviews and came over and hugged us and said, wow, they are true converts!  Franco wasn’t too sure about his baptism, his mom is older and he has to provide for his family.  He was worried if he got baptized he would let his family down and not be able to help them.  We then clearly explained that it is the complete opposite!!!  That is he gets baptized the Lord will bless him and his family!!!  And Anthony is the bigger one, he had a pretty tough teenage life, bad friends, a few bad decisions, but that is the beauty of this GOSPEL!  He was able to repent and now he is CLEAN!  How amazing is that!   I really love those 2 kids!  It was so great to finally help these teenagers be clean again!   Oh so I was thinking a little about my birthday and well I would like things for my companions, and pensionistas!  Like BYU shirts or hoodies and stuff for pensionistas, I will think it over a few more times and get back to you! LOVE YA FAM!!!! ENJOY THE PICS!!!!
Elder McGhie!

ps dad, a little homework,
How many stakes and temples are there in Utah, and what is the percentage of members to non-members, oh and how many missions are there in Utah?  People always ask me that kind of stuff and I would like to know!  LOVE YA!  Oh and my goal for the last 4 months of my mission is baptize 30 people!!!  So help me on the count, not to be prideful but to do it for them and the Lord!!  2 down!

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