Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

July 9, 2012


OH man, we had transfers or in Spanish, changes and well I was pretty bummed because my companion Elder Hernandez from Guatemala was one of the best companions I have had in my mission, and we only got to stay together 1 month, pero ASI ES LA MISION! CABALLERO NO MAS!  Or in other words, that’s the way the cookie crumples sometimes!  But my new comp is a good Elder.  He is named Elder Huerta, from Moquegua Peru, he only has 14 months in the mission and it’s his first time as a zone leader.  We get along pretty well and we are excited to keep on chugging in this great work!  I stayed in Huancayo!  HOORAY! I love Huancayo it’s the bomb!  And Elder Corbridge is now in my zone as a trainer!  HOORAY!  Finally re-united since Amarilis!  I love that Elder, he is such a champ!  And guess in what area he is!  LA FLORIDA!  YAY!  SO finally there is someone who will work hard and help out my old area!  So life is good we are about to travel to Lima for the zone leader meeting, I will get to see some pals and of course Elder Udall and Elder Madsen, MY BOYS!  Haha such good memories with them in the office, I love those kids! And Elder Avalos is here in the neighboring zone in Mantaro so we get to see each other quiet often!  VIVA! He is a great missionary as well!  SO this week we have a TON of people to baptize!  First we have a sister named Julisa Seans.  She was contacted by Elder Poindexter last December and has always wanted to get baptized, but isn’t married and she is getting married and baptized this week!  (Please let Elder Poindexter now, he will be SO happy!)  Also the Curi family is getting married and baptized this week as well a kid who is 20!   SO its going to be a crazy week please pray for them so that all can go well!  The kid is named Robinson.  So mom, I think it’s better to send the emails in word doc and yeah I need like 6 BYU t shirts, 2 larges and 4 mediums.  I also want to gift some of those small preach my gospels in Spanish to my ex comps, por favor 6 of them and I need an idea of what we can give President Ardila, he loves the Jazz and BYU, maybe a jersey or something like that of the jazz with his name on the back - I don’t know but we can think about it!  As for me umm the usual some peanut butter and sweets like that!  You the bomb fam!  I am totally digging the hair part, I am officially converted and I hope you are doing alright!  

Have a good week!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie
ps my area goal is 12 with 12 and the zone 89 with 92, we only got to 24 last month so we need some serious prayers!!! 


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