Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

July 23, 2012

And BOOM goes the dynamite...

Hola Familia Mia!!!
      Lo siento que no tengo fotos hoy dia, voy a tomar algunas hoy para la proxima semana!!! Muchisimas Gracias for the Package!!!!!!!!  It was great to get it!  Thanks for all the stuff, i have to confess, i promised my Pensionista and her family chocolate in my last package, but i might have eaten it all with elder mitchell... oops haha so I snagged the bag you sent for the elders in teh office and gave it to the pensionista... HAHA!!!  Soy malo... malo hasta los huesos!   So sorry about that.  I was thinking a little about the questions about the birthday package.  And i was thinking if you could send some stuff for my pensionista and her husband and her little boy Hyrumcito!!!  I think it would be awesome to send them some BYU  T shirts and a little one for Hyrum!  Is he not the cutest little guy in the world! (see last weeks pics)   John (the pensionistas Hubby)is a salesmen for Nissan here in Huancayo so we also have competitions That we will baptize more people then he sells cars, and the loser at the end of the month has to buy Pizza Hut for the others! Haha good stuff!  So a little put in on the trip plans, it looks like SUCH a blast to me!   I would like to stay here in Huancayo a little bit more time,  JOhn told us he could take us to one of the Soccer games here in Huancayo, (the team is Esport Huancayo... haha)  But i think that would be cool, i doubt that mom or liney would go, but dad you and i could hit it up!  And i would like to spend some time with John and Patty and hyrumcito, and my converts here, we could play a pick up game of soccer in the church or something!  And i dont think i will end my mission here, so according to my last area, i imagine i will want to visit ther too...  So if i dont end in teh jungle, you know i am going to want to hit that up and the whole inca trail looks like an absolute blast!  Also we can go out to lunhc with President Ardila and his fam when we are in lima.   Also there is a chance that i can talk to Luis and INes, the couple that are fire fighters in Paucarbamaba, i heard from them a little wile ago and they have plans to get sealed.  So that would be an absolute dream if they get sealed in December... I am going to write thema  letter to see how are their plans!
       So i dont really remember what other questions you asked last week, what happens is i read the letters that same day or tuesday and then with all that goes on in the week, i completely forget about you questions... sorry, yes i know dad, its not very to write it down in my litte planner!  I will do better!  So, i explained what happened with our investigaters and all that in the voice recordings! QUE RABIA!  but o well we will keep on keepin on, we could have up to 6 baptizms this week, the only problem is that the investigaters still aren`t very excited, so we are goign to help them out, if you could include Robinson, Dionicio, Flabia, Lucero, Nicholas, and Jesus in your prayers, that they can overcome their problems and have the courage to accept their baptismal dates!

       Thanks family for all that you do, thanks for the emails and packages, youll never know how much it means to a missionary in the field to know that every day he has his family praying for them and to go to the internet cafe and know that there will be letters, i am so blessed to be able to serve here in Peru Lima East and have SUCH a great family! LOVE YA! 
Elder McGhie!

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