Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

July 16, 2012

Air forcen it up!!!

How we doing fam?  I hope life is very good and that you are excited to hear from This GUY!!!  So life is great, we had our baptism of the Hermana Yulissa!  And we have found a whole bunch of new people to baptize this month!!!  For example there is a father, his wife and daughter that were progressing for the 28th we went Sunday morning to go to church together and JUST in the nick of time arrives their cousin… woof!!! She take the dad in the back and just starts talking APOSTASIA about the church and I was SO ticked off, and the she would flippin leave and we had to go without him to church!!!
            So…  I was pretty much ticked off on the way to church!  But the Lord is pretty much LO MAXIMO!  So I was a little frustrated and all but out of nothing a guy from another stake comes in with a reference of a family of 5!!!  And then the President of the Elders Quorumn gave us 3 more references!!! YES!
            So I have to tell you quickly, we went to Huancavelica to help the US AIR FORCE OUT!!! SO they are all here doing free medical stuff fro all the peoplebut one problem… they don’t speak Spanish!!! Haha so they asked us to go and translate!! It was SO cool, we got there and it was a really great experience translating for the Air Force and we took a few pics, so HOW BOUT THAT the US AIR FORCE In the middle of Peru!  I haven’t seen more gringos in 20 months haha!
And I will wrte you about the trip and B day next week!

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