Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

June 4, 2012

Wow, What a Week!!!

Dear Family and Friends,
What a marvelous time I am having here in Huancayo!!! It has really been a time of many miracles and many blessings!!!  So after I wrote you guys we got the results from last month and what we need to do this month to keep on track with the stake goals.  And well, remember what I told you about needing to baptize 50 people- wrongo!!! Try 73!!! But we said, well why not 80!!!  Yeah!  haha  So, our goal in the Huancayo Zone is 80 baptisms with 82 confirmations!   And you know the best part... it’s so crazy it just might WORK!!!  I couldn’t sleep that night thinking about how we were going to meet a goal so high, so I got out of bed knelt down and asked the Lord if it was possible or if we could baptize 80 people in this zone in this month!  And ya know what, IT IS!!!  I know it’s possible, because I felt it in my heart!!!  SO, with all that energy the next morning we had a meeting with our District Leaders and we told them about the goal, and they believe as well!!!  So we had to help the zone to believe and we had one of if not the most powerful zone meeting in my life and we all have testimonies that yes, we can baptize 80 people here in the zone.  When I told Elder Avalos (his old companion in the office) he about fell of his chair the other zone leaders that heard, just laughed... But to tell you the truth I am absolutely sure we can do it!!!  Like it says in 1st Nephi 3: 5, Its what the lord wants!!!  And we will do it because there are 80 people that need to hear this gospel and find this great happiness and peace in their lives!!! I KNOW ITS TRUE AND ITS TIME TO GO TO WORK! BYE!!
Elder McGhie

Info about pictures ABOVE:  My last day in the office with Elder Udall and the passing of the Cell Phone to Elder Sheridan, my last day with Elder Avalos, we really grew to love each other, definitely one of my best comps I have had!!! 

Info about the pictures below .....well, 
the info is really below all the pictures??? 

These are pictures of Spencer saying goodbye to his Pentionista in La Molina (the office)!  The missionaries are Elder McGhie, Elder Taylor, Elder Pritchett and Elder Contreras!! =)

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