Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

May 28, 2012

Back in the FIELD and LOVIN IT!

This is ELDER McGhie reporting live from Huancayo.  And I just want to tell you I am very happy to be here, but there is ALOT of work to be done!  It looks like with our logro (goals) in May, we will have a lot of catch up work to be doing in June.  We have to keep up with the stake goals, and we are, dare I say, A bit far behind... Its time to Put the Shoulder to the Wheel!  I really love my area here, its called LA LIBERTAD and its really great.  My companion is Elder Nicholas Dean Mitchell from Riverside California, he is a Grade A champion!  He was in my zone in Amarilis, there are a few pictures of him when we roofed the Stake President`s house and we are all standing on the roof taking pics!  So, there you go, my comps mane is Elder Mitchell and he is a fantastic missionary.  We get along great, he attended BYU Idaho before the mission, and we are super excited to be working together in LA LIBERTAD!  I totally spaced my adapter this morning so sadly enough there won’t be any pics coming your way today... SORRY!  We had a meeting with the Stake President in the morning and all the district leaders, because we have to DOUBLE the baptisms here in Huancayo!  So the good news is we have an awesome stake president who is really excited to work and good missionaries here in the zone. It will be a fantastic month in June!  I hope you guys will pray for me and Elder Mitchell and our zone so we can really double the baptisms here.  I know we can do it, we have a lot of work to do and some things to change around but all is possible with the Lord!!!  But I need your prayers,that I might be able to help this zone meet our goals and be the missionary that the Lord wants me to be until the end of my mission!  Please don’t forget la ZONA HUANCAYO in your prayers!  So mom, my Pensionista is really great.  She is Hermana Patty!  She is married with one little tyke that is 1 year old.  She has facebook and would love to talk to ya!  I will get here full name this week!  Being here brings back a whole lot of memories from the last time I was here.  Elder Poindexter was my zone leader, and he finished his mission last week!  Man, I miss Elder Poindexter!  His name is Bradley Poindexter from some little town in Arizona.  I can’t remember what its called, but mom, if you find him on face book, tell him I love him!  And miss him!  haha I will send him a letter shortly!  So life is great, I hope all is well there in Sandy Utah.  I can´t believe time is passing by SO fast!  I’m sorry this email is short without pics.  I have to go help an Elder who’s computer stopped working... Haha back to the life of a zone leader eh? haha LOVE YA!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

Hey the computer problem with the missionary is fixed, so I have a little more time!! Your package is in Lima, I missed getting it when I left but I think I will get the package when I go to lima next Monday for Zone Leader Conference (after internet, don’t worry Mom,  I will write you Monday as usual)!!  Oh and the converse that the missionary wants are size 10.5 in black!!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you all, I LOVE YA’LL! I sent a big package home with all my stuff have you gotten it?  I will send your mother’s day card and cards for the whole fam when I get to consejo in lima next week!  Love you guys!
Elder McGhie!

This is the picture that Spencer said his new
companion, Elder Mitchell is in??  My guess is
the Elder Mitchell is the one in the white shirt
sort of in the middle, I think, but I could be wrong, 
I HAVE BEEN WRONG BEFORE, maybe once, haha!??? =)

Of course we all know who the guy making weird
faces in the neon green shirt is!!  He is such a nerd
but I love him so very much, nerdy and all!! 
Oh and did I mention that we only have:

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