Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

May 19, 2012


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May 19, 2012

So yesterday I received my Transfer, we went to President Ardila´s house to plan the transfers and this guy is off to Huancayo for the 2nd time!  Haha I couldn´t believe it!  I was pretty surprised, because the Zone Leader`s area is about 5 minutes from La Florida where I was about a year ago! Haha, but President told me they have a very Big Goal in Huancayo and I have to go and meet it!  At the beginning of the year President Ardila, took the Stakes goals from the whole mission and applied them to our goals, so now they are the same.  And Huancayo hasn´t met its goal yet the whole year, so the baptisms have been piling up after every month, because it is all based off a year end goal for the stake divided in trimesters.  So what I have to do is meet the goal of 43 baptisms as a zone in June!!! RAYOS DEL SOL!!! Haha that’s a whole bunch of baptisms, but I just told President, IRÈ Y HARÈ! (that means I will go, I will do) haha, I’m not so sure how we are going to do it, but hey, A MANS GOTTA DO WHAT A MANS GOTTA DO!  So with a lot of prayer and a LOT of help from the Lord, we are going to give it all in HUANCAYO!!! I’m pretty excited, and my new companion is a GRINGO!  His name is Elder Mitchell, from Orange County CALIFORNIA!!! YEAH!  I know him pretty well, he is a great missionary I am very excited to work with him! 

So as you have seen from my pics, I was in Oxapampa and it was AMAZING!  SO beautiful, it’s like a paradise I mean seriously!  SO GREEN!  And I saw German decedents or GRINGOS!! Haha it was weird.  But I have to tell you what happened in Oxapamapa.  So the elders have an investigator there that attends every Sunday, his wife and 2 kids are converts about 3 years ago, and his son served a mission in Peru and got home last year.  His name is Roberto and he bore his testimony at the beginning of this month saying that he knew the church is true and all that, but he wouldn’t get baptized!!! haha President and Sister Ardila went with us to the appointment Thursday morning and we got to the house sat down and President told Roberto, well Roberto I’m President Ardila, I have been called by a prophet of God, like the missionaries, to Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And I have come today from Lima (a solid 15 hours away) to baptize you!haha!  Roberto about fell off his chair.  He was surprised and asked if we could say a prayer to thank God for bringing President and Sister Ardila to his home, and asked President to say the prayer.  We all knelt down and I felt the Spirit SO STRONG during President`s prayer it was incredible!  After the prayer we all sat up and Roberto said, thank you for your prayer and well I am getting baptized TODAY!!! HAHA!  I just about peed (sorry if this expression is offensive,  what can you do???  Some peoples kids, makes you wonder about their parents??? =) my pants and the missionaries jaws just dropped!  After 3 years and SO many Baptismal invitations from all sorts of missionaries just like that he decides to get baptized!  So I had the great opportunity to do his baptismal interview and I asked him why he wanted to get baptized.  He told me he knows the church is true, and he just needed that little push to get baptized.  He said that during President`s prayer he felt very strongly the need to be baptized, he said he felt the presence of someone calling him to the baptismal font with their hands stretched out.  What an amazing and powerful experience that really was!  I owe so much to the Ardila Family! They are SO great, and after all the stuff in Oxapampa, I rode back to Lima with President his wife and daughters!  It was really fun, I felt like I was on some family vacation, but of course it was nothing like a McGhie family drive, we missed screaming, spilling drinks in the car, emergency stops and well all that other McGhie stuff we do!  But I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Thanks fam and everyone!!!
I love you and we will be talking next Monday from HUANCAYO!  YEAH!! I will send the letter for Ryan and the size info for the converse then!
Bye!Elder Spencer Marty McGHIE!

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