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May 14, 2012

Best P-Day Ever!

May 14, 2012
 So life is just AMAZING here, I just finished about the greatest P day of my life, we had our spiritual share of things also our great fun!  But first off I just wanted to tell you guys it was SO GREAT to see you guys and talk on Skype!  That was just so great! And I can’t believe that was my LAST call home!  Is that just the weirdest thing ever!  It’s like yesterday I had my first one in Paucarbamba and Cried like a little school girl!  Time has just FLOWN by and it just keeps going faster and faster!  So since we have talked actually a lot of things have happened so enough with the chit chat I need to start typing!
Saturday morning…  BAPTISM! YEAH!  So Martin and Nardy are having a pretty tough time with their wedding so they asked us to baptize their son, so that was Excellent, then at 1 I had to catch my bus to get to La Merced and as usual, travel was a beast, like always in Peru.  Ha-ha so I don’t have much time but I need to tell you about today.  SO This morning we started off the Pday watching 17 Miracles.  HOLY SHNIKES IT WAS AMAZING!  I mean that movie was really great.  I won’t lie I shed some serious tears.  And after the movie, President asked for 2 testimonies, of Missionaries to tell us what they got out of the video and what they will take with them, one elder stood up and shared, and then no one else wanted to, I was leading the meeting so I was just waiting for someone to share their testimony.  BUT NO ONE would do it, so President, kinda disappointed said ok so we will just end with a pray, so I went up to pick someone for the prayer, but let’s face it, I’m from the McGhie-Spencer Generation, it is not in my blood line to pass up a chance to talk! Haha so I said, well if no one else wants to share I guess I will.  As you can remember about 99 percent of the time I bore my testimony before the mish I cried, and in the beginning of the mission I always was crying.  But it has been a very long time since I have cried in a testimony, and well that came to an end!  I balled like a little school girl once again!   I mean I just remembered so many things, how blessed we are to have a plate of food in front of us.  That thanks to those Pioneers that went through SO MUCH I am here right now.  They sacrificed their lives for this church, and we think 2 years is hard!  IT NOTHING!  I’m SO darn blessed and the least I can do is give ALL to the Lord in my Mission.  Wow, I was so humbled watching that movie, and then the thought hit me, that they are my family!  I come from a Pioneer family, I have Pioneer blood in my veins, and I just got to thinking what would have happened if they had just given up!  Where would I be?  Where would we be as a family?  And what could have happened if I just bag my mission, how many generations would I effect!?  Flip it’s time to step everything up!  I have LESS than 6 months to work in the Lord´s Vineyard!  I have to get back to the field ASAP!  I love the office it has been an experience like none other, but its game time, I just want to Baptize the whole Flippin Country of Peru Right now!  I mean that movie was SO Wonderful, Marvelous, please watch it and the Pioneers and get to WORK!  Dad and mom, I would like some Pioneer stories that come from our family! And tell the Lundberg’s I’m SO game for trek next SUMMER!  LOVE YOU ALL AND LETS GET TO WORK!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

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