Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

January 9, 2012


Alrighty then I dont have a whole lot of time so lets get this party started.  I will start off by answering you questions mom.   First off all thank you SO much for sending me the emails all in a word doc.  It is SO much easier and faster, and YOU ARE THE BEST!  Secondly the package for Christmas was incredible!  I love the book with all the conference talks its, SO AWESOME! And my Hymn book from Grandma and Grandpa Spencer is in my backpack right now, and I am using it DAILY! So thanks SO much!  
So I guess I should start off by telling you I am no longer in Musa!  I was in my room last Monday with my comp planning and the phone rang.  My comp answered and it was President Ardila.  He then gave me the phone, and President told me, Well Elder McGhie, I´m just calling you to tell you that you have a new assignment, tomorrow your coming to the office to work with me and to replace Elder Taylor, your my new assistant (For those who aren’t familiar with “LDS Missionary Jargon”, This means that Spencer is now one of two missionaries who assist the Mission President with I guess whatever he needs them to do???  I don’t really know what Spencer will be doing but OH MY, I wasn’t expecting this to happen ??!!  I have no idea what Spencer will be doing but I really liked him being just a missionary who goes out and teaches people, now I don’t know  ???  I am a little bit freaked out by this but I am getting kind of used to being freaked out by having a son on a mission……….it is quite an experience!!=)!!)!    Oh flip!   Haha I just about fell off my chair, I was filled with a bunch of different emotions, first off, I was Pretty Nervous, than scared and then kinda flippin out! It was pretty crazy!  So, now I’m working here in the office, with President.  My new companion is Elder Quispe, from Ilo Peru, which is on the boarder of Peru and Chile.  My area is the area where the Temple is! haha Flippin NUTS!  To say the least, I haven´t slept much this week!  Tuesday morning we had our big meeting with all the zone leaders that we have monthly and President announced that I would be the new Assistant in front of everyone and it was VERY SCARY!Haha  He asked me to get up and say something, I won’t lie I was VERY nervous there in front of 25 other Zone Leaders, so I just stood up and said exactly what dad taught me!  I opened up my Missionary Handbook and read a line that says,  “An Assistant to the President is no more important than a Junior Companion.”  I told them all that I’m still Elder McGhie, my name tag still says Elder McGhie and that the only difference between an AP and a Junior Comp is their assignments and duties, to be assistant doesn´t make me any better than anyone else.  I am really grateful that Dad taught me all that, before I came on mission.  Because a lot of people see the position  of AP as a Goal or a great reward, but it’s just another assignment in the mission, it doesn´t make anyone better or worse than any other missionary.  The truth is I never worried about trying to be an AP or ZL or DL, I just wanted to work hard, obey, and be able to kneel down at night and tell the Lord that I am doing the best I can with these 2 years He has given me. 
I am grateful for the chance I will have to serve with President Ardila, I know he can teach me a BUNCH of things, and I’m excited, but I will never ever think that I am better than any other missionary because of this assignment!! Thanks for all the love and support!!  I love yall so much! Oh I just have to tell you my ward is NUTS!!!  The Presidency of the Area attends our ward! I was in Priesthood with Elder Waddell! HAHA! The ward is NUTS!  All the Missionary Couples attend this ward, the Temple Presidency and like 4 mission presidents and their families!!  Oh and there a ton of GRINGOS! Haha it’s crazy!  Talk about Pressure!!!  SO, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!!  Oh, dad I am going to need some serious lectures from you in my emails!  I Love your lectures! Haha!  Oh and I will be writing you on Saturday, cause next week are transfers and its going to be pure CHAOS! La vida es tan loca!!!!!

Elder Spencer Marty McGhie
Sorry but I have no idea why the last paragraph has grey behind it and I tried everything and I couldn’t get rid of it ???????????????????

The Zone Leaders together with
President Ardila and his wife after
their monthly Zone Meeting!!

The Zone Leaders eating lunch at
thier montly meeting!!  Try to  find Spencer
 in this picture!! Heres a hint: Spencer is
cutting his food! =) 

Spencer  and his companion Elder Vilca, Elder Arnoa,
Cute Elder Biliter, Elder Winterton and I am not sure what
 the last missionaries name is..........sorry!! Oh and
Elder Pritchett is in the background!

 Cute Elder Brown and I feel terrible but I dont know
the other missionaries names at the table??!

 Elder Rider, Elder Sheridan and
if anyone knows the other missionaries
names please leave me a comment ! =)

Elder Poindexter, Elder Corbridge and let
me know who else is in this picture, thanks?? =)

Time For Basketball, Elder Sheridan,
Elder Pritchett (I think) and Spencer is the one far
 away with his back to the camera
in the white shirt and black shorts

More Basketball!! =)


marlened said...

Dear Carrie,
I love your son's blog!!! Elder Richard Dodge just got called to serve as one of the secretaries in the mission office.I bet Elder McGhie will be supervising him. How cool!!!

Carrie, I am Elder McGhies MOM :) said...

I hope our sons get to work together and get to be great friends!! Thanks for commenting on here, I think I have only gotten 3 comments before and that was at the beginning and I asked my family to comment and to folow the blog.........so I guess those dont really count =)

I did hear from a mom of a sister missionary in a different mission and I wrote her back but I havent heard back from her =)

I bet our sons are going to be very busy this week with transfers, I hope they have time to write us!! Spencer said her would be writing on Saturday this week, Did Richard tell you he would be writing on Saturday?

This is so exciting!! I dont know yet where Spencer lives now but I am thinking he lives with the office Elders...........so that will be great if they all live together =)

I am a lot nervous about this new assignment for Spencer, I know he will do great but I just dont know what to expect as his mom???

Take Care