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January 23, 2012

Lack of Sleep... haha

Well, well, well another week has come and gone and here I am writing yall another letter!  Let’s just say this week was pure chaos!  Haha so we had Transfers this week... HAY CARAMBA!  It was just nuts.  Just organizing it all, sending the transfers, sending elders, waiting for them in the bus station, making sure everyone gets there on time and on the bus.  And it was extra special this week because it just so happens that Tuesday night there was a giant mud slide and all the transfers are Wednesday morning, so we got to the 3 different bus stations and some of the buses were able to go others no, they were coming from the Provinces and others were leaving Lima, so it was nuts haha and we had to change a whole bunch of bus tickets to the next day, oh it was so much fun!  Haha for that reason I put the title lack of sleep because for about 3 days I hardly slept!  One of the days I was so tired I got up at 6:30 and knelt down to say my pray and the next thing I know I heard some loud noise that woke me up and it was like 7am! Haha.. yeah I imagine Heavenly Father was really pleased with that prayer... haha  But I’m pretty sure he understands. 

So it looks like you got the email from President Pino, but I will give you the details.  First of all President Pino is a member of the First Quorum of the 70 and The President of the whole area of South America East,  Which covers Ecuador, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru and  Bolivia.  So the whole Area Presidency lives in our ward, and we always eat lunch with ward members on Sundays.  And it’s just a rotating list or whoever invites us to eat in their house.  So when they told us last week we were going to eat at President Pino`s House I laughed and said, funny joke, but they were dead serious!  So Sunday after Sacrament meeting Elder Pino came down from the stand, shook my hand, pretty much starred straight into my soul and asked me, So are you going to eat lunch at my house today ...
 I barely managed to get out any words and said... ummm.. I think so? Haha  And I said it with about the courage of Nevil Longbottom before he becomes a man in the 7th Harry Potter.  So, we went to their house after church and we started talking and he is actually really funny and his wife is too.  We talked about the mission, how we are doing, if we met our monthly goal and he gave us some good advice and it was SO COOL!  He is just a Champion and super powerful!  I felt the spirit SO strong in his house and well I knew he was awesome when I told him that  my dad served in Rosario Argentina and he got excited and told me he was the mission President there in 1990!!!  YAY!  So he got to be part of the 2nd best mission in the world!  Cause the very best has got to be….THE PERU LIMA EAST MISSION!  SIERRA, SELVA, y COSTA (Google translator said that means: Mountains, Jungle and the Coast??)!!!  Yeah son!  haha but anyway, that pretty much was one of the coolest things I have gotten to do in my mission.  So save that picture mom!  I would like a copy as well!

So I’m doing really well, I am headed off for Cerro de Pasco tonight, should be really interesting, because its smoking hot here in Lima and I think it’s snowing in Paco, then I get to go to my first area... HUANUCO!!!  YES!  So that should be just awesome! I love ya family SO much!  My pension is Luara she is a champion and yes I love her food, I dont know if I can send letters in the pouch, I will have to check it out, and I’m in the office with my comp Elder Quispe, Elder Daga, Elder Moralez, they are the 3 Latinos and then I’m with Elder Dodge from Orem and Elder UDALL!  Haha I love Elder Dodge and Elder Udall, they are so Awesome and we are going to be together in the office for about 6 months!  So I should be here in the office for a good 6 months then I will have about 2 or 3 changes left in the field to finish my mission! AHHHHHH!!! 
That’s just insane!  So I gotta go!

Love ya and CHAU CHAU!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie

Info about the pictures above:

First Doctor Pepper in 14 months!!!!!!!!!!!  Tell Grandpa Spencer in 10 months to get the DP ready! Haha   This is my comp Elder Quispe, he is a champ!  Oh and I jumped from my window onto that pile of about 13 mattresses.... ummm dont worry I wont do it again, I dont wanna die, I would like to serve the lord for my 2 full years and not return home with a broken arm or something!

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