Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

January 14, 2012

How ya doing?  How´s life in good old Sandy Utah!?  It’s really weird to think that its freezing cold in Utah cause its burning up here in Lima Perú!  So let’s see this week was a pretty great week.  Last Monday I went to Huancayo and I just got back today!  So I was in Huancayo in splits the whole week in 4 different areas, it was pretty awesome!  But you know what wasn´t awesome, traveling alone in a bus for 8 hours! WHAT!! (WHAT is exactly the word I yelled when I read about Spencer traveling ALONE on a bus for 8 hours, what happened to the buddy system……..I mean I thought missionaries were ALWAYS supposed to be with a companion or another missionary??????)(Spencer dutifully explained today, which is actually Jan 23rd since I didn’t send this email out last week, BUT it is good cause I got an explanation about traveling alone on a bus………..Spencer said in his voice recording that his mission president, President Ardila is a super amazing Man and that he is very intune with The Lord and that he wouldn’t send Spencer on a bus unless he knew it was totally safe………so there…..to me!!  It is kind of hard to argue with a voice recording …so I just figured that in this new assignment of Spencer’s that he is going to be doing all kinds of things and traveling and going who knows where so I just need to remember that Heavenly Father takes care of His missionaries and that I should try maybe having some faith here………so I am taking a leap of FAITH and having lots of hope and doing lots of PRAYING TOO!! =)  haha  It really was super weird, but when we go to visit a zone, one of us has to stay in the office.  It’s not very easy to sleep in the bus!  So if this email doesn´t make any sense I’m sorry, I didn’t sleep very well or hardly at all last night!  Just to tell ya fam, when you come to get me or when we visit, we ain´t (he does know proper English, I promise!!) using the bus! haha  I woke up at 3 in the morning sweating SO Bad cause they had the heater cranked up so high! haha   So, just plan on renting a car! 

So it was really great to be able to return to Huancayo and do splits with the missionaries there. I actually got to go on splits with Elder Encina on Tuesday and Elder Pozo on Thursday (they were both his companions before!), it was great to be with my trainees again and to see how much they have progressed since the beginning of their missions!  We had a lot of success in Huancayo, we found a bunch of Investigators that are ready for baptism, and we put them with a baptismal date!  I was a little sad, thinking I won´t be able to be there for their baptism.  After just teaching them and inviting them to baptism and watching them take that step of faith and accept their baptismal date, makes me want to stay and help them and teach them and be there when they get baptized!  So that’s kinda a bummer,  I only got to teach them one time and then to not be able to see their progress, but I hope I have been able to help them out at least a little! 

So, our area here is pretty tough, in La Molina.  Let’s just say everyone has got some serious cash and they don´t think they need God, it’s a pretty brutal change from Huancayo to La Molina haha, but hey the members are really great and are always ready to help so we will be working a lot through them.  It’s a completely different style of work then I am used to.  Of course you have to use the members, but I love to street contact and just look for investigators every way possible, like contacting in taxis or after buying something in a store, but here in La Molina, everyone has their cars, no one is in the streets and there are Huge gates around their houses and they all have INTERCOMS! WOOF!  But hey, I know the Lord is preparing people we just gotta look a little harder and in different ways!  I forgot to take my camera to Huancayo (Oh boy, Spencer gets a BIG OLD… D- on picture taking in Huancayo…. VERY Bad Spencer!!! =)(I just couldn’t bring myself to give him a Big Old F (for Major FAIL) because he is all the way in Peru and he is so cute and sweet and he loves his mom (that is ME) so much and I miss him soooooo ….I decided a D- was just slightly mean but not a total Fail =)!!, so I have 0 pictures... SORRY! I will do better this week.  But don’t worry mom, I won’t be traveling this week, I will be in the office, we have transfers this week, so we gotta send the old elders home, and go and get the newbies from the MTC! Haha  It’s going to be nuts, but I’m kinda excited about it! 
So life is good, I’m just trying to get the swing of things here.  I won’t lie, it eats me alive to sit in the office all morning long with paper work and computer stuff... WOOF  I just look and look and can’t wait till lunch time to get the heck out of the office and go and do something! Haha  So if you could pray for patience and that I can maybe learn to sit still and work in an office it would be greatly appreciated!! (Spencer couldn’t even sit still when he was watching sports on tv, he had to be throwing the basketball in his little Tykes hoop that is hanging (still) on the door to the basement or he had to have a football in his arms and he would run in circles around the area carpet in the family room, all while watching the game on tv, he was a funny kid and he still is pretty funny kid……….I can say he is a kid still if I want cause I am his mom!!=)!! I love you guys SOOOOOO Much and thanks for being my fam and putting up with all my crap! Haha!

Love you! Hasta Luego!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie

Ps. I need a calendar of 2012 like the one of Christ you sent me for 2011, 2 new pants to preach, preferably dark gray, like 1 long sleeved shirt, that is pretty nice, I have a kitchen now, so if you send me like mac and cheese or cakes to bake I can actually cook now (even though he doesn’t know how to cook…well maybe he knows how in about the C+ category..But wait, I did forget that he can make a mean cup of hot chocolate and he did have to take a class in jr high where they cooked during part of the quarter and he did try making those no bake cookies a few times, so maybe I will put his cooking in the B- category but I would advise them to have some supervision and probably a fire extinguisher close by!! =) ! YAY!  But that would only be on p-day or in the night after working, cause we always eat with our pensionista.  Umm… there were more things that I needed but now I cant remember.... AHH!  haha  Oh, I remember...I need more pens, those BIC ones you sent me, one more box of blues and a box of black pens!  And one of the Elders in the office wants to know how much did my perfect pushups cost, Oh and I need a JUMP ROPE! I think I have a good one in my jazz locker downstairs, please send it to me (I am totally going to go and get him a little girls jump rope, pink with sparkily pom poms on the ends, Oh I really am excited now!!)! LOVE YA!

 Answers to some of my questions…………he never can answer all of them????
Ok mom, to answer your questions, of course I know Elder Dodge! He entered the office with me and we are going to be together here for 6 months!  He is a CHAMP!  We live by the temple and we all live in the same house, it’s a house of our own and all 6 of us, 2 assistants, and the 4 secretaries live there together, but there’s always other elders staying there and it is SUPER SAFE!  There and big gates and guards outside the houses, always patrolling the streets, it is like safer than Sandy, Utah!  I kid you not! There are gates in the streets and cars can only enter on certain streets, it’s pretty ridiculous! Haha!  
My Pensionista ES LO MAXIMO!  She lives pretty close and has 3 little kids, and has been the pension for the assistants for about 2 years!  She is a grade A CHAMPION! 
Umm.. I will have to tell you when I am going to write you in my emails, I can’t log on to my email during the week, sorry mom, I am just being 100 percent obedient like you always tell me to!!!  But I will be writing you guys mostly on Monday’s and if not I will try to let you know in my email the week before, so Mom won’t make Dad call the mission President to find out why I didn’t email them!! Haha (Very funny Spencer, but a definite possibility if I don’t get an email when I am supposed to???)!!  So, I love yall SO much!  And I haven’t had any time at all to send the flippin package, but now I have computer access in the office to burn my camera card on cd´s so I will see what I can do this week!  


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