Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

January 2, 2012



So I first off would like to tell you all………HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Can you believe its
2012... FLIP!  That’s just plain nuts, and secondly I would like to apologize for my last email, I was SUPER stressed and then my computer didn’t work, wasted almost all my time switching computers and then looking for a computer that would work and I just kinda threw it all out in my letter... SORRY!!!!  So I am going to write a SUPER Letter today of my HOLIDAY RECAP!!!
So starting with Christmas, we had a ward activity the 23rd and we had 11 investigators at the activity and it was a really great activity!  My comp, our mission leader, and a few other members did a talent, we sang the song that everyone knows, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Navidad, Prospero Año y felizidad, I wanna wish you a merry Christmas... and so on and so forth.  But they asked me to play and instrument called the CAJON.  It’s like a big wooden box that you sit on and it has a hole in the back and you beat it like a drum... haha  I told them I had no IDEA how to play that thing but I would be more than happy to give it a shot!  Haha so I had my Santa hat on, sitting on a CAJON, just belting out Feliz Navidad, and playing the Cajon like there was no tomorrow.  It was pretty much Awesome haha!!  And I was fairly new in the ward so everyone was just like, who is the crazy gringo playing the cajon!?  Yep, thats your son!  

So, I have to tell you that I have eaten SO MUCH FRUIT CAKE.............. AY CARUMBA!!
Peruvians are so nuts, they love Fruit Cake, it’s like the best gift you can give someone is a giant Fruit CAKE!  Haha its called Paneton here, and they love it TOO MUCH!  They all ask me if we eat fruit cake in the States, I just kinda laugh and tell them... well no, actually never! Haha, But Christmas was pretty awesome, the highlight was definitely SKYPING yall, that was TOO GREAT!  It was absolutely Nuts to see the house, the dogs and cats and you guys!

So I love my Suit thanks SO much and all the new church cd´s and Chocolate!  And well Everything was just too great! My star wars lunch box, yoda watch... which I have on right now!  And my Ties are SWEET!  So that was cool, Here in Peru Christmas is really different, the party is the 24th at night and at midnight there are fireworks and they all go crazy, and then they do it all over again on New Years... go figure eh?  haha, so the whole world wanted us to be with them at midnight on Christmas Eve and we had to tell them we were just going to be in our room.  They looked at us like we were nuts haha!!So Christmas morning, our Pensionista saved us some of the dinner they had at midnight the night before...  So instead of eating German Pancakes or French Toast Christmas morning, I ate full blown  Turkey, Mashed potatoes, veggies and of course more... FRUIT CAKE! haha what a breakfast it was!  Oh, I love Peru SOOOO much!  Then on Sunday we mostly just had lessons with the members, cause just about everyone else was Drunk haha!  So that was my great Christmas Adventure!
This week has been really crazy, all the references we got around Christmas we contacted and we found a bunch of New Investigators!  It was pretty awesome, my comp is really great and we are working really hard.  But the down was that with New Years being Saturday night, of the 17 new investigators we had this week 1 attended church, Sunday Morning at 9 am... POOP!  But hey thats the way the cookie crumbles sometimes...  So we are pretty excited for January, we have a whole Bunch of Investigators and families to teach!  So it will be a pretty great week and month.  On new years I was thinking and I was just in awe that it is 2012!  I remember in the MTC in November of 2010 thinking that 2012 would never get here!  And Boom!  It is here!  I am so blessed to be able to serve a mission and to be here in Peru!  It makes me sad to think I only have 10 months left!  I really cant believe it! I love Peru so much, and the people, I dont know if I can leave so soon! It’s starting to go by faster and faster and I want it to SLOW DOWN!  But hey a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do! Times up I love ya and I hope LINEY had the best Birthday EVER!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie

Spencer got a "Yoda, Star Wars"
 Lego Watch for Christmas =)

Spencer got a new Navy Blue Suit for Christmas and a bunch of ties =)!!!

Ainsley made Spencer this felt Christmas Tree and
we had lots of our extended family members write
him messages on the cards and he took out so many
cards per day to hang on the tree until Christmas Day!!
I wrote 10 cards ........I couldnt control myself =)!

Pizza Hut Pizza must have been
the day after Christmas Dinner?

I am guessing by the date on the picture
that this is New Years Eve???

I'm pretty sure this is
New Years Eve too!!!

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