Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

January 19, 2012

I know that I am behind with Spencers email from Jan.14th and I am sorry but it is coming soon, however I do have 2 "happy things" that I wanted to share with all of you who read his blog!! Sorry if this is kind of weird???????????? :)

I promise I will get this updated soon, Spencer didn't send any pictures which is a bummer but he did write a nice email and I need to get myself working on posting his email.......sorry to be such a slacker =)! But........I did want to tell you what happened to me today because Spencer was a part of it and he made me laugh =)

So here is my experience today:
I went into Spencer's room today and I was feeling sort of sad. I was just sitting there thinking, when I noticed the place on his nightstand (its made of light wood and it is a very nice nightstand) where he carved the words "MOM IS MEAN" with a pen in the wood and it just made me laugh so hard as I remembered that day long ago!! I was so mad at him for doing that back then and now I am so happy it is there!! I laughed so much that I totally forgot what I was feeling sad about!! I just love my cute missionary so much, he makes me laugh all the way from Peru, He is the best!!! I am so happy that I am his MOM...even if his nightstand will forever say that I am MEAN! :)!!!!
Also we got the nicest surprise yesterday........we received an email from a sweet lady and her husband, Elder and Sister Pino!!  Here is what it said:
Brother and Sister Mcghie
Today we had The privilegie of visiting and having lunch with Eld Mcghie and hin companion Eld Quispe.

We just wanted To thank you for preparing such a godo Missionary. He es obidient,enthusiastic and hard working.

Elder and Sister Pino.
Getting this email was almost as good as getting one from Spencer!!  I love how she wrote to us in English, even though she speaks Spanish!!  So Sweet of her to write us!!  Made me so happy!! =)
I hope everyone who reads this is doing great!! =)  My daily motto used to be: BEE Happy (Okay so the Bee part is kindof goofy but my daughter Ainsley and I, really liked Bee's back then, she collected bee things.......so it made us happy back then???? =)  ......I think I will add it to my current daily motto (minus the extra "Happy" "e")  So here it is:
Be Kind and Be Happy too!!
T T F N (That is Tigger talk and it means:
Ta Ta For Now =)!! Bye =)
Carrie..........Spencer's MOM :)

Oh..........I decided to add a few pictures of Spence when he was little.........just for fun =)!!!

Spencer at his first BYU Football Game...
He is totally crazy about BYU!!:)

Spencer dressed up like he just
won "The Rookie of The Year" Award!!

Spencer's Birthday, he got a jazz basketball
and a Bulls hat, He has been crazy about sports
since he was really little, I found him watching
Sports Center when he was 4 and he was captivated by it???

Spencer is in his pajamas reading his Bernstein Bears
Book while sitting in a basket full of toys????? =)

Spencer and his Sisters, Ainsley and Caroline!!
These were the perfect days when my kids were little
and I was the center of their world =)!!

Spencer loves his sister Caroline!!  He seriously
is the best brother to her!!  She loves her big brother
Spencer and her pink binky =)

Another Birthday for Spencer, he loved The Lion King
movie and Simba was his favorite always!!=)

Sweet Spencer sitting next to me (I have no idea
why I am not smiling?) with Ainsley and Caroline and
 My Grandma Marie Spencer. They called her Great Grandma. 
 She was such a sweet and good person. 
She came to America when she was 14 from Norway.
Her real name is Ingeborg Marie Johannson Spencer. =)
Oh and Spencer does have shorts on with that large tshirt???=)


Deb said...

this is AWESOME!!! Elder Pino is the President of the area south america north west, the last sunday E´Quispe and E´McGhie went to eat with them, i bet that he is gonna be happy because Elder McGhie was so excited when he noticed that he was going to eat at the President´s House.

Carrie, I am Elder McGhies MOM :) said...

Hi, I this is Elder McGhies Mom, Carrie! So do you know Elder McGhie on his mission? I saw that you live in Lima!! It is so exciting when I find someone that actually knows my son on his mission!! =) I miss seeing his happy, smiling face everyday!!=)

Thanks for commenting and for reading Elder McGhies blog too :)

Debbie said...

Hi Carrie, yes my name is Debra and he is serving in my ward now!, so yup i know him,i know how you feel, my brother came back from the mission 1 year ago, Elder McGhie is doing pretty good and he is happy =)

Carrie, I am Elder McGhies MOM :) said...

It is so fun to get to hear from someone who is actually in Spencers (Elder McGhies) Ward!! Are you from Lima ? Spencer said that the ward is amazing!! There are so many good people in that ward!! That is so good, it makes me happy!! Were did your brother go on his mission? 2yrs is a long time but it seems to be going by faster now that he has been out over a year, he is actually been out almost 15 months!! =) He loves Peru and I am sure he isnt going to want to come home but I told him before he left that he will come home or I will come and get him =)!!!

Elder McGhie has a facebook page that I keep updated if you go on facebook, It is under: Elder Spencer McGhie - Mom!!

Anyway if you see Elder McGhie please tell him his mom says hi!! I am glad to know that he is doing good and is happy =)!!
Thanks for writing to me!!
Carrie =)

Debbie said...

Yes =) its interesting ... i know how you feel,im from la molina, lima, my ward is WONDERFUL he is right and he is so happy to be here, my brother went to Arequipa-Perú mission, Perú is BEAUTIFUL but i bet he wants to see his family so no worries hahhah... i saw him today in the chapel and i told him that i read the blog and he started to laugh and he said my mom my mom my mom, and he was smiling so i bet he LOVES you a lot =)

Carrie, I am Elder McGhies MOM :) said...

You made my whole day by writing that you talked to Spencer and told him you were reading his blog and he said, my mom, my mom, my mom with a big smile on his face!! It was almost like getting to talk to him!! I was just what I needed to hear!!

Thanks for making my day!! =)

Debbie said...

You are more than welcome.
its amazing to know that ,I´m glad that u are happy and smiling.
everything is great here =), its summer so pretty hot.
Dont worry Elder McGhie is doing GREAT, and he always has a smile on his face, so i bet he is HAVING A WONDERFUL TIME SERVING HEAVENLY FATHER =)