Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

April 16, 2012

Baptizin in the Highest stake in the World!

Hi, I am posting Spencers latest email today, I know I am missing 2 weeks worth of emails on here... I HAVE THEM but I have to edit them and figure out what pictures go with which post!!!  I am really sorry, all I really can say for my negligence is: DAUGHTER…..MARRIED…… 3 WEEKS…….MUCH STRESS……..MIND LOST !!!! =)

I will get this blog caugt up but it might take a few weeks!!  I hope you are all doing great!!!

Well I have had some of the greatest experiences of my mission these last few days.  So, Saturday morning President Ardila and I loaded up his car and off we went to Cerro de Pasco (THE HIGHEST STAKE IN THE WORLD)  Yep, going from sea level to who knows how many feet in just about 7 hours!  So it was SO awesome to go with President Ardila (he is his mission president, just in case someone didn’t know who he was ?=), I just about bombarded him with 150 questions haha, I was a little excited and nervous and well you guys know me, I’m not the quietest person on this planet (takes after Marty, since I am one of the quietest people ever born!! =)… haha, so that was so awesome and President Ardila is a Champ and answered all my questions and then he made me study verses and tell him what I understood and all that stuff !!haha!!  It was some good stuff.  I even had the nerve to ask him some questions about the Apocalypse (I don’t remember what the book is called in English, but it’s the last one in the bible about the end of the world)(I know he is talking about the Book of Revelations but I must admit I have never really read it, except for very small parts of it at different times and I know that I am admitting to not having enough faith to just understand it , but I really just have no clue, unless I have use this amazing reference book I bought that explains all the symbols and difficult to understand wording, but it takes me a very long time to read one verse and then read the reference book, so to read a chapter takes me a few months or years …… actually I must admit that I have never even tried to read a whole chapter........I know it lame… but as Spencer always says… haha, don’t judge me =) !!!!)  It’s his favorite book in the bible and I don’t know didily squat about apocalypse so he enlightened me to say the least!  So we got to Cerrro and it was Stake Conference, so President Ardila was giving his talks and all that, and the Zone Leaders ( Elder Johns from Southern Illinois and Elder Merril from Utah)  OH and mom, I talked to Elder Johns all about Southern Illinois and I told him you went to Southern Illinois University and that you were a Saluki, he just about fell on the floor!Haha!! He lives like 15miles from there in like bell view (He means Belleville, Illinois…. isn’t Belleview an  infamous insane asylum ?? !!! =) Anyway, I lived close to BELLEVILLE on Scott Air Force Base for 5 years and graduated from Southern Illinois University!!  Only Spencer would call me a Saluki!!) or something but tell me where you guys lived so we can talked more about SIU!Haha!  Elder Johns is a champ and so is Elder Merrill!  They had 2 baptism planned for that day, a mother and her niece, her 2 daughters had listened to the missionaries and said they wanted to be baptized but kept on delaying their baptismal date.  The said, no we want to get baptized next week (like they all say)!  So when the daughter got out of her baptismal interview, she said nope, I’m not ready, but I felt the sudden need to talk with her, luckily I followed the promptings of the Spirit and asked the Zone leaders if I could talk to her, they said, yeah that would be great.  I went into that interview with such a strong feeling that she was going to get baptized, I sat down, asked what her name was, and told her I was Elder McGhie and that I had come from Lima to Cerro that day to baptize her!  Haha you should have seen the look on her face!  We talked and read the scriptures and as we were about to read in 2 Nephi 32 about the Holy Ghost, she stopped and said, OK, I’M GETTING BAPTIZED! Haha  So then I just had to talk to her little sister who is 9, and I thought it would be a cake walk for her to want to get baptized too! WRONG!  That little girl was so stubborn but finally accepted to get baptized with her sister, cousin and mom!  And then the older daughter wanted me to baptize here !   Haha, go figure eh!?  President Ardila got out of his meeting and saw me in this, too short white tunica (you have to see it to get how lovely Spencer looked, so I am going to insert a picture of him wearing the “tunica” right now!!) and was a bit surprised!!  I told him what happened and he was pretty darn happy!  It was a great experience and I’m so grateful for the chance to be and instrument in the Lord`s hands, if we are obedient and listen to the spirit we will see and work miracle in our lives and the lives of many others!!!
I love this GOSPEL!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie!

This is Elder Bean from Arizona in the picture with Spencer; he is the brother in law to one of our favorite people, Ashley Hansen!!  Ainsley, Caroline, Teresa Fugate, Janece and I, all met him at Ashley’s wedding a few yrs. ago!!  So in case you didn’t understand my explanation; Ashley lived next door to us for 11 years with her wonderful family (The Hansens), and then they moved to Arizona (it was so sad that they moved)) is married to Elder Beans older brother, David Bean! 

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