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April 7, 2012

Mud Slide!!


Como estamos, como estamos?  Ojalá que estén muy bien con la preparación para el matrimonio de Ainsley y Russ y que el Señor esté bendeciendoles muchísimo.  Ok, enough with the Spanish stuff!  How yall doing!  I finally have been able to send a few pics I hope you enjoy them.  I was thrilled to get a letter from Collin and Jordy, tell Collin I will be writing him quickly and to STOP WITH THE FANCY LADIES!  Three girls in a week... YIKES BROTHER, I think he has kissed more girls than I have hugged in my life!  HAHA I love that kid so much!  But tell him Congrats on the mission call to FRANCE!!!  Heck yeah man!  Congrats!  He will be an absolute STUD of a Missionary, and I am very stoked to hear how he is doing and how the mission work is there!  Tell Jordy que NO PASA NADA CON CHILE! JAJA ESTOY CON MI CUARTO Compañero Chileno, YO sè que eres un SUPER FLAITE PO!  What a chaunci zhomes!  So anyway, I got some news for you all; Elder Madsen is the new Personal Secretary to the Mission President!!!  It’s going to be Awesome!  For sure I will miss Elder Dodge; he is a great kid and missionary!  It’s exciting as well to have big Madsen in the office!  We sent a tape recording with his tape recorders, so I think his mom will be sending it to you soon!  

So this week is going to be absolutely nuts!  We have transfers this week; it’s always a very hectic, but entertaining week!  But I want to tell you what happened yesterday!  We were in Chosica almost the whole day doing service because Thursday there was a huge mud slide and it was pretty nuts.  We got there and it really sad, we went to help in one of the bishops houses and they all live a crevice of a valley and the valley is just hills and hills of dirt and sand.  So it all came crashing down the side of the mountain and the bishop there in the ward lives on the hill side, and the mud just busted right through his roof, of course their roof was just like metal sheet mail and it went right through and ruined it all.  We had to dig the mud out of the room and then take out the bed, dressers, mattresses, it was really sad.  But we were able to go and help and dig out the houses.  I was walking with Elder Morales and a guy called us for help so we went to help him, we thought he was a member because he recognized us as elders and he just looked like a member.  His house was in danger of collapsing and he wanted us to read the bible with him and pray.  We realized he wasn’t member and started to reach some chapters in John and talk about how we are all in the hands of the Lord.  That he is so merciful with us, that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die for us, that we might live again!  And we told him that it was his turn to do something for the Lord, and to search for him, and we taught him about Baptism and invited him to baptism for this 29th of April, he accepted and said in this tragedy he has realized the need he has to search for the Lord and change his life.  It was a really amazing experience and I just realized that the Lord hand is in all things!!  I love what President Monson has said, that there are no such things as coincidences, we must search the hand of the Lord in all things and we will find it!!  That is 100 percent true!  I love ya and I hope you really enjoy Easter, that you can take a minute to think about the important things in life and prioritize it all in order! 


Elder Smith, Elder Udall, Elder McGhie, Elder

Pics of the mudslide that I got from Elder Smiths Dad!!

I cant beleive this picture!!!!  It is so awful!! =(

Cleaning up the mudslide, it is terrible!!

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