Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

April 21, 2012




Oh and the last pic is me traveling back to lima, (we never got the picture of him traveling back to Lima…..so I guess we will just have to imagine it in our minds =)!! some old dude didn´t want to close his window on the bus for the whole 8 hours, the bad part is the window was above his head so all the wind came back at me, it was absolutely freezing and slightly miserable as we passed through the snow covered mountains of Peru, but I just call em more Gringo Adventures or Moments! YEEEEHAW!  Oh and the pic of me on the rock...yeah that’s a real machete(I can NOT see a Machete???? But I do see him on the rock, very puzzling???)! HAHAHAHAHA! QUE CHEVERE!  How’s the blog going mom?  I wonder if you have had time to load anything(Nope, I have never even made the blog…………..OF COURSE I HAVE MADE THE BLOG AND LOADED EVERYTHING!! Okay that isn’t true since I am 4 emails behind in sending them out and in putting them on the blog, very slothful MOM!!)?  Oh and President said he was reading your facebook and read that you closed my facebook and he said thanks for being a very obedient mom! HAHA! Chevere no!?

Looks like today will be more pictures than words, but I will do my best!  So how are the wedding plans going?  I hope all is well, I imagine you are all very stressed and running around like chickens without heads, but hey that’s the way a wedding should be no?  My advice is that one night you can all sit down in the family room and watch “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” or “Father of the Bride”, I’m sure that will give you a few laughs and help out a little with the stress.  Because like my favorite scene from Father of the Bride goes…  “I want 6 hotdogs and 6 Buns, not 6 hot dogs and 8 buns!  Wanna know what happened, some BIG SHOT from the weenie company got together with some BIG SHOT from the bun company AND DECIDED TO RIP OFF THE AMERICAN PUBLIC!!!”  Haha and it goes on with the I’m George Banks and I´ve had enough or something like that!  Haha but don’t worry too much and don’t get overly stressed, try to enjoy it just a little bit!  And don’t get tossed in the slammer Dad, like George Banks!  So I will be waiting patiently for my wedding invitation for me here in Peru.  So we talked with Pedro Contreras and he is coming Monday morning to get our package and send it to you guys!  Elder Madsen and I have combined everything into one package, there is stuff for all of you guys so enjoy!!!  Finally, thanks to Elder Madsen I managed to get the package ready haha!  Oh and I also burned all my pics and videos onto Elder Madsen´s USB, so when the package gets there you need to open his USB and there is my folder with all the pics and videos!
                So this week has been very interesting, after I wrote you on Monday Elder Pritchett his comp, Elder Farfan and I got permission from President Ardila to go see the Waterfalls, so that was SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!  Enjoy the pics, in one of the pics its like “Where´s Waldo”. 

This picture is turned sideways and I tried to make it not be
sideways but it just wants to be this way..........so I am letting it be =)!!!

 I´m just a little speck in the pic and then the giant waterfall!  Oh how I would love to actually serve in la Merced, lots of prayers and faith!  Haha so life is good, we just keep on movin on, Martin and Nardy aren´t going to get married this month, they had a few problems with their papers and they are just missing one little signature! ONE! But the date to turn your papers in for the month already passed… bummer but hey they are still very excited to get married and baptized in May.  We also have a 19 year old teen named Luis who is reading and praying for his answer and our convert presented us her friend, her name is Norma and very excited to get baptized the 28th!  So keep on going and praying and it will all work out just fine!

Love ya’ll!

Elder McGhie

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