Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

August 27, 2012

“Another shrimp on the babay!?”

Howdy Fam y Amigos!!!!
How’s life treatin ya this fine day!!!  I sent 2 voice recordings home for mom and dad for their BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!   I cant believe that time is flying by SO fast!  And I almost peed my pants when I realized this morning that THIS THURSDAY IS BYU HOME OPENER!!!!!!!!  RAYOS DEL SOL!!!!  PROVECHO AMIGOS PROVECHO!!!!  Family dont fret because before this season of football ends THIS GUY will be saying HELLO ONCE AGAIN TO LAVELL EDWARDS STADIUM!!!!  Okay, enough of that, sorry I wont get all trunky on you!  SO onto the good stuff...
       4 weeks in a row baptizing!!! YEAH!  La hermana Rosio was baptized this Saturday and Sunday was confirmed, she is 22 and SUPER excited to go on a mission!  She is going to start to do splits with the sister missionaries in our zone.  So that was a great experience, also i think i told you of the little old man we found in the mountain on my birthday and wants to get baptized really bad!  SO this week we have been teaching him a whole bunch and he doesnt really understand anything in Spanish!  A little but no very much, so this week we were a little frustrated because he couldnt quiet capture the thought that God is one person and Christ another and the Holy Ghost is a spirit. Also he wasnt understanding how to pray because he speaks that native language of Quechua (Cechwa) a lot more than Spanish.  SO in Ward Counsel meeting the bishop assigned a sister in our ward to go with us and teach Cebilino!  And he was SO happy!  He just lit up when the sister started talking in Quechua!  And he finally learned how to pray and now is progressing!  It was so awesome!  I didnt understand ANYTHING AT ALL!!! HAHA, I felt like I was in my first month of the mission listening!  Haha, but it was a good experience!  And he is really excited to get baptized the 8th!  Also we need some prayers for a teenager named Ruben so he has the courage to get baptized this week!  Please pray for us!!! 
       I am SO excited to go to Lima and see ELDER CHIRSTOPHERSON this week! YEAH SON!  It is going to be absolutely AWESOME!  You had better bet that  I am going to ask a question!  I have to take advantage!  IT is my first time meeting an Apostle.  SO when you are Hittin up Lavell Edwards this week, dont forget that Friday I will be with an Apostle!!! YEAH!  But dont worry I will be praying for the Cougz this week and as always against that team up north... HAHAHAHAHA! 
      I wanted to wish dad and mom a VERY happy birthday and Caroline a LOT OF LUCK in her first day at ALTA!!! OH WHAT MEMORIES!  Good old Alta, I cant believe my little baby sister is a Sophomore!!! CONGRATS!!!  Oh and Ainsley I hope you are doing very well in the bakery shop and that all is well and thanks Russ for the letter!  SO, keep it real, have a FANTASTIC week and I sent the recordings, so ENJOY!

Elder  Spencer Marty McGhie!

PS Tell the EX-Elder Killpack HI for me!!!!

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