Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

August 20, 2012

“I AM 21!!! WHAT THE OLD!?”

How are things going in Sandy Utah?  Life is great here in HUANUCO PERU!  Oh what a great week it really was!  First off we have been planning a HUGE activity in our ward, like the Luau in the Preach my Gospel DVDs and it was SUCH a success!  We received more than 80 REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!  Holy cow, it was a whole gym FULL of investigators, we acted and did a little show as missionaries, it was pretty cool.  I will have to send you the video in a package, because the sketch was pretty dang funny!  Although it’s in Spanish... I guess dad can translate for ya!  So yesterday was really a FANTASTIC Birthday!  I had the chance to talk in Sacrament Meeting, and the stake president was there.  He pulled me aside after the meeting and started singing happy birthday, haha it was pretty funny, I have no idea how he found out, I am pretty sure President Ardila told him, because he invited us to his house tonight to have a family night and to celebrate my birthday!  He asked if it was alright, I just thought, well... he is the stake president even if I didnt want to go, I wouldn’t say no! Haha, so that was pretty cool, we will see how it goes tonight.  But the BEST birthday present I got had to be our Baptism of LEONCIA!!!  Oh she is THE BOMB!  Its this little old lady, and every Sunday we go to pick her up and we bring her in a taxi, because she can´t walk very well, but she was SO excited to get baptized.  The Relief Society Presidency helped her get into her baptismal clothing and I had to carry her into the baptismal font, she is so funny, it was such a cool experience!  I carried her into the font, baptized her and carried her out.  She is the sweetest little old lady!  So that was a great Birthday Present!!!  All in all I had such a great birthday, we visited a teen who went to the giant activity, and came to church Sunday and he accepted to be baptized on dad´s Birthday!!! HAY ESTA!!!!  And then we found a older man WAY up there in the mountains, who cant hear worth squat, my comp sat on one side of him and I on the other and he is SO excited to get baptized the First of September!   We told him that we were there to baptize him and his whole face just LIT up with joy and looked up to the skies and said, Thank you Lord!  It really touched my heart.  He said his neighbors have told him that the church is false, but he told us that he knows that all opposition comes from satan and that there isnt anything that will stop him from getting baptized!  CAN YOU SAY BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! 
So I really love my mission SO much, I feel super weird, because my birthday was like the last mile stone, before ending my mission, I only have 2 and a half months left to keep on working for the Lord and I will GIVE IT MY ALL!!!!  I want to ask you a favor, that you can think of questions that I can ask Elder Christofferson for the 30th, so I can have them on Monday and that Friday ask him!  President Ardila asked us to think of questions, because there will be a question and answer time, and it will be all the missionaries in Lima and the zone leaders from our missions, so we gotta REPRESENT PERU LIMA EAST! 
I know you are all wondering, if my birthday package got here, but it hasn’t arrived yet, but dont worry!  It was still such a WONDERFUL Birthday!!!  I mean I had a baptism, we found 2 miracles, and I got to partake in the Sacrament!  Those were such great gifts, and I know they come from the Lord and your constant prayers for me!  I love you SO much fam, and dont worry next week I will have special recordings for dad and mom´s birthdays and when I go to Lima I am sending a package home with letters and gifts!  Because flipping Serpost is in a strike or something!  WOOF, so if you want to send letters, do it for dear elder or even better for

From you 21 year old son, ELDER McGHIE!

Ps, send a late birthday wish to my main man Elder Morton who is tearin it up in Cochabamba , Boliva

Spencers Birthday package got to him about 2 weeks late!!  We sent him a Peyton Manning Bronco Jersey and he freaked out and he says he wears it every chance he gets!!  He probably sleeps in it!! =)   Here are some pictures of Spencer and his beloved Jersey!! =)

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