Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

August 13, 2012


Well there is nothing like opening up your inbox and finding out... SURPRISE your family is in LAKE POWELL (Not his whole immediate family, there were 3 of us not there, honestly, I am rolling my eyes right now =)??!!) CARAMBAS HIJO! Haha!!  Well I have one word for your little get away in Powell: PROVECHO!  (I dont know how to translate that word, it’s like to take advantage I guess?)  So I am LOVING life here in the mission in HUANUCO!  It is the best valley in the whole mission!  I mean I loved Huancayo, but hey I started here in Huanuco and I am HUANUQUEÑO PE (I have no idea what he is saying????)!!!  Haha, so we were very blessed and had a MIRACLE baptism this week of a teenager named Tony.  Because we went to Lima for 3 days and we got back Thursday, we looked for him the entire day Thursday and he was NO WHERE to be found.  So Friday at 7:30 in the morning we went hiking up to his house (a solid 15 minute climb up a flippin mountain) and just as we got there he was heading to work!  So we ran over there and started talking to him and he told us he was TOTALLY excited for his baptism, but that’s not all, his mom has to sign a permission slip, she had already told us it was fine to baptize him, but we called her up to get her HERBY HANCOCK, and she started flippin out!  AY CARAMBA.  SO we had to go on the wild goose chase to find her and do you know what time we found her?  15 minutes before his baptism!  Holy Cow I was flippin out, I got there and she wasn’t very happy and didn’t want to sign anything!  And without her Herby HANCock we can’t baptize teens younger than 18!  And her son was already in the church with like 20 people!  But we did some smooth talking and she finally signed the permission slip and even came to the baptism!  But wow, I am pretty sure that I lost a few hairs after that one!  We have been really blessed by the Lord for these baptisms, we can have 3 more this week, it’s amazing how the lord blesses!  He has given us SO many investigators and it looks like we could very well meet our goal of 13 baptisms this month!  But keep praying!  Please pray for Rocio, Leoncia, and Joel for this week, Rocio is 25, Leoncia is a little old lady who is like 90 and we have to help her and almost carry her to church, and Joel is 18, they have all accepted their baptismal date for this week, but you guys know how the pesky serpent is!  So please pray!

I almost fell off my chair reading that LINEY HAS HER LEARNERS PERMIT! FLIPPIN A!  What happened to my little sister!  Sorry Liney but I don’t think I will let you drive me home from the airport!  HAHA!  So fam I love you SO Much thanks for the letters, I want to congratulate mom on how dedicated she is about going her work out class!  Mom, I loved the goals you sent me last week, you gotta read in chapter 8 in Preach my Gospel on how to set and meet goals!  Ainsley I loved you letter and your quotes you always send me!  And dad, your “Dear Elder” Letter got here, thanks a lot it was exactly what I needed to hear and read!  Keep up the good work!  I love ya so much and tell Russ I am still waiting for an email from him!

Until next week!
Elder Spencer Marty McGhie

PS…..Can you believe I am turning 21 this Sunday (no, because I haven’t seen him since he was 19 and just so you know, we only have 82 days left until he is home!! =) We got his flight plans and everything!!)!!!??? RAYOS DEL SOL I AM LIKE OLD OR SOMETHING!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I am glad he is still the same old funny Spencer still!! =)

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