Elder McGhie's experiences as a missionary in Peru.

August 8, 2012


                So as you hear I am officialy in HUANUCO again!  Haha can you believe that!?  Monday morning President called me and told me that there was going to be a few transfers in my zone and I got that nervous butterfly feeling in my stomach and thought oh no!  Then after p day and some great family nights, they called and said, “Elder McGhie, you have transfers, and you are going to Huanuco!”  AY CARAMBA I just about fell off my chair!  I thought it would be impossible to return to the great valley of Huanuco because I had already served in both zones here!  I am pretty excited to be here again! 
                Sunday night the stake president invited us to a meeting with all the bishop ricks to make goals for August and see how we did in September.  The stake president is Presidente Luna and he is SO great!  He was totally sticking it to some of the lazy bishops that don’t help or don’t really care much about the mission work!   We were there for 4 hours!  I`m sorry but I don’t really want to be a bishop haha, It seems pretty stressful!  President Luna talked about sacrifice and how much are we really willing to sacrifice as priesthood holders.  He said when all is well, when we are healthy and the sun is shining its not really a sacrifice to go out and work.  The sacrifice comes when times are tough, when things are really going our way.  He said in those momentes are when we show the Lord that we really Love him and that we are willing to sacrifice everything for him!  Its was a really cool meeting, all the bishops compromised themselves to their goals for August and it should be a great month!
                So we had a great Consejo with President Ardila, he talked a lot about the Atonement and gaining a “Real” Testimony of Christ, like the Apostols did when they saw Christ Ressurected.  He gave us some instruccions we watched the last talk the Bruce R. McConkie gave before he died and he told us we should read Jesus El Cristo and search that testimony.  That is my  goal for these last few months, to gain a REAL testimony of Christ and UNBREAKABLE testimony.  I know that Christ lives and he is my Savior, but I want to know it with every FIBER of my Being!!!  SO the best way to gain that testimony is to kneel down, study hard, and work harder for the lord!   I love this work and I love you guys!  Thanks for all you have done and are doing for me!
Elder McGhie!!!  

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